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Hughes steals data daily and charges me for it

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Hughes steals data daily and charges me for it

every morning between 150 and 250mb data disappears off my allotment modem has no power, computer off nothing connected to WiFi system in most cases the history show this happening before I get out of bed. I have begged for help and received nothing but excused and blaming me. I am fed up with the theft I have been begging for help for a year and half.
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Begging for help?
You never did respond to Liz in you previous topic from four months ago.

That might be a good place to start.
Powering off the modem prevents it from being in communication with the gateway and keeping the meters updated.
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Who is Liz and what did she want me to respond to?  Never knew she sent me anything.  Having problems for a year and a half with data depletion, and speed.  E-mail support says they can't and won't help me, Chat support sends me to phone support, When I drive into town to call phone support they want a PIN number and refuse to help me because I can't call from the house because I have no phone or mobile service at the house..  I can't do the plug the modem directly into the computer thing because I only have a WiFi Computer with NO LAN port.  I was not told I had to have a computer with a LAN port or that I had to have a phone at the house when I signed up for you guys to help me and I did ask.  So I have had no help, from you people.  I document each and every time I plug in the modem and turn on the computer and document each and every time I log off and unplug.  You guys steal more data than I use each day with rare exceptions.  I don't do much on line because I never know how much you are going to steal from me.  I have no other equipment connected to your system nothing is wifi EXCEPT my computer and when it is off, it cannot down or up load.  All I have got from you people is excuses and lies and no help.  I am truly sorry I ever signed up with you.  I'd be better off with dial up for speed and at least there I wouldn't have a problem with data theft.
All updates are configured to require my authorization, except a couple that won't let me do that.  Still if the modem is unplugged, and the computer is unplugged it cannot update, down load or up load as your people on e-mail support, chat support and even phone support seem to suggest.  Your equipment also says my modem is on all the time, which it isn't, it can't be.  I don't have the generator on all the time so there is NO POWER to them.  so tell me how you can down load or up load and use up data when I am in bed asleep BEFORE i turn on and plug everything on?
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"Who is Liz and what did she want me to respond to?"

EDIT: It was Chris that responded to your post 4 months ago:

Liz is the corporate level forum Moderator and Hughes Employee that responded to your post four months ago. That post is linked to in my reply above.

She asked you in her post to perform a step-by-step a Modem Isolation Test.

 "Never knew she sent me anything"

She never "sent" you anything although you likely would have received "copies" of replies posted to your topic.

The Community is not .... email support. It is web-based support.

You create a topic and Hughes employees and others post replies in your topic. You should periodically log into the Community, find your topic and respond/reply to the comments and suggestions made therein.

Your post above waves several red flags for me.

If you connect with only a wireless device then how did you setup the "Network" in the beginning without a wired device to first: create the network, second: enable wireless security of that network and third have your wireless device join that network?

I see a real possibility that you are running an "open network".

Next up is the type of device that you have that has no Ethernet port.

Is this by chance a ChromeBook?

If so, those are Data Hogs with a capital D. They "live" on the internet.

Next up, you are doing yourself a real disservice by powering down your Hughes Modem.

Doing so wipes out important Modem Log files that are needed to support your data loss support efforts. It also breaks the "Hughes Loop";

Your Modem when powered up is in constant communication with your assigned Gateway.

That "loop" consists of your Modem, the ODU, the satellite, the Gateway uplink/downlink equipment and finally the server assigned to handle your traffic:


When you power off the Modem that Loop is broken, data that was in transit such as data reporting and meter updates do not occur until contact is re-established sometime AFTER the next power up

The first thing is to perform a Modem Isolation Test by disconnecting the LAN cable between your router and the modem while leaving the modem power up. Take and save a screenshot of your usage meter and note the time of disconnection.

Wait several hours. Reconnect the LAN cable between the router and modem and immediately take another screenshot of your usage meter and again note the exact time.

Post the disconnect/reconnect screenshots along with the times here in the Community.

The Hughes Mods will check your Modem logs for the resulting 13.1.1 error code that will be set for the duration of the disconnect period. This will provide proof, of data used by the Modem, if any, with all of your Network devices disconnected.

Some questions:

What wireless encryption do you have enabled?

What device and OS are you using?

How did you initially create and secure your Router and network without the use of a wired computer?

What Hughes modem and plan do you have?

Edit: It was Chris that responded to your post 4 months ago.

Chris is also a Hughes corporate level employee.



Hello whitedogmum,

We're sorry this is still an ongoing issue and would love to work with you to find the problem. Could you follow the instructions provided by Gwalk titled "Data Usage Troubleshooting" so that we can get started?

Thank you,
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Last night I logged of at 330pm (mid afternoon.  My anytime data was at 75% 11288MB and my Bonus was at 84% 42413MB....This morning I plugged in, turned on at that time the anytime data was 75% 11288 and my bonus data was 84% 42411mb....and I thought that maybe something got fixed, but when I checked the history at 8 had me on line at 4am using data peaking at 5am with 116MB of data and another 88MB of data used between 5 and 6am Please remember I only logged on at over 200MB of data was again stolen just like each and every day.  Never the same amount but more then I normally use in a day.  So there is the information you asked for.

Hi whitedogmum,

Are you to take screenshots and post them with the dates and times provided. That is what we need.

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Which History display are you using?
This is where a screenshot pays off. There is an old display that shows usage from the perspective of eastern time.
 Also from the numbers you have posted: 11288-11288= zero used and  42413-  42411= 2mb used you had no usage deducted from your allowance. As to data showing at 4 or 5 am the question is ? is that data being deducted? Overhead is not charged against your allowance.
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What are the devices that you use with the service?  What kind of computer?  An Apple?  A Chromebook?  Some kind of tablet?  

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I am not sure what you are asking.  You stole data between 4am and 6am....BEFORE I plugged in and turned on.  If you re-read my e-mail you are referring to, you will see that I was surprised that before The hour of 4am you had not stolen any data...but stole it between 4am and 6 am.  Or maybe I am not speaking American well enough for you to understand
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As I have said at least 60 times in the past I have a HP Notebook which is WiFi only.  NO LAN cable port.  I have your modem connected to my router and that is it. NOTHING ELSE IS CONTACTED to your service. I do have a Dell Tablet, but it hasn't been turned on in a year when I was traveling last, which is the time I use the thing.  I have told your people this also probably 100 times.  I have NO phone here. I was not informed that they only way I could get help is if I had a computer that connected with a LAN cable nor was I told I had to have a phone at the house to get help when I signed up.  My little 10" WiFi computer is off when I unplug the modem...otherwise there is nothing connected and nothing on, yet 150 to 250 and more data disappears from my allotment each morning starting anytime from 3 am or 4 am and sometimes not until 5 am, and the same thing happens during the daytime when I am not even home.  Don't tell me someone is taping into my router, because that is impossible, since the modem is not plugged in the router has nothing to connect to, thus...cannot be used, besides it is unplugged as well at the suggestion of your chat people. AND on top of that I have no near by neighbors, the closest one is a mile or more away.
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the data that is used by you people between 4 and 6 am sometimes as early as 3am does come off my allotment, but I am not on line, no power to modem, no power to computer.  No way it can be used by anyone outside the house and my dog hasn't learned how to turn on the modem and computer as yet.  So tell me how it is being used
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yes my wireless is encrypted. Again I am using a HP WiFi Notebook computer, nothing else. I am using windows 10 and it is kept updated. Good grief, do I have to teach you how to connect to a wifi system?  I set it up by adding the router to my system with adding the password to my system.  I don't know how you would set it up with a cord, never have done it that way. I have the second modem on your list and I have the pro plan.
I have no idea what you are talking about when you say people were trying to contact me 4months ago...I was never notified that someone wanted to talk with me.  I have never received any of the phone calls people tell me they have made since I don't have a phone at the house. Is that how they tried to contact me?
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what instructions
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no not taking screen shots since no one explained to me how to do that and put them where you want them...
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o...the history display is YOUR history display.
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"I am not sure what you are asking"

I would like to better define the difference between "usage meter" and "usage history".

Hughes provides you with a number of "tools",



What is the difference?

A usage meter can be compared to a FUEL GAUGE .... think "gallons" used and "gallons" remaining.

A HISTORY display displays volumes of  data that passed in a defined point of time.

You have a monthly data allotment.

That data allotment is divided into two periods:

Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

These are your "Fuel Tanks"

In truth you really have THREE fuel tanks, Anytime, Bonus Bytes and Token Bytes

Lets look at the three Fuel Gages:

#1: The download Status Meter

The Download Status Meter is a utility that is available for download from the myAccount page.

Once downloaded and installed it will reside on your computer systray at the lower right corner.

It displays the amount of data that you have used up to the point of the screenshot.

It has a "resolution" of .1 GB (100 MB) and will round to the nearest 50 MB

#2: SCC usage meter:

The SCC meter resides inside your modem. It displays data used and data remaining in all three "data buckets": Anytime (8am to 2am), Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am) and Token Data.

The SCC meter may be accessed by entering into your browsers address bar.

#3: myAccount Usage Meter:

This meter is found after logging in at:

This is the most accurate of the three meters, reading down to a single MB but it does require that you have a browser actively connected to the internet and data can be used while logging in

The only time that data is being used (stolen in your terms) is when the remaining data in any of the three DATA BUCKETS in any of the above listed FUEL GAUGES.

These three meters are very close to being real-time.

Now for the two HISTORY METERS:

#1: Download Status Meter HISTORY TAB:

As a "HISTORY" this is a backwards view of ACTIVITY occurring during a defined period. This display has a one to three hour delay.


Overhead and Command and Control is not charged against your allowance.


#2; myAccount History Display:


This display can be seen after logging in to the myAccount page and selecting USAGE/HISTORY

As noted above this is a HISTORY DISPLAY, it is delayed one to three hours. Not all of the activity seen in the display is deducted from your allowance.

If the "activity" is not deducted from your allowance there is no "USAGE".

Teaching Assistant

If you go to Google & type Win 10 screenshots. Or Win 10 snipping tool. You will find how to do screenshots.
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In Gwalk's response above there is a graphic that is titled "Data Usage Troubleshooting." 

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As I have said at least 60 times in the past I have a HP Notebook which is WiFi only. 

Where have you said this at least 60 times in the past?  I asked you what you have a day ago.  You said five hours ago, for the first time, that you have an "HP Notebook which is WiFi only."  

Secondly, it's not MY MODEM, nor MY PEOPLE.  I don't work for Hughesnet.  I am a customer, like you, and was simply trying to help you.

Thirdly, don't get snappy and disrespect the people trying to help you.   I asked you a question that was pertinent to the situation.

Hopefully someone else will be able to help, because after that response, I'm done. 

Good luck to you. 

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I have been on line with hughes net every day for a year and a half trying to solve these problems.  They have made every excuse why they can't help me and blame me. I thought you were part of hughes net and had access to the hundreds of e-mails chats and phone calls (from town). I apologize for the misunderstanding.  If you had been fighting with a company for this long and someone came on looking like they were part of the same company You might get a little frustrated with them as well.  You didn't tell me you didn't work for hughes.