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Hughes usage History Meter Display

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Hughes usage History Meter Display

While the subject has been posted before I wanted to post an example of the backward step that the new myAccount History meter provides.

Looking at the Hughes History meter I have this:


Hughes usage.PNG


As a History it does not provide any useful info as to  ... what was charged against my usage allowance at 1am on the 20th.

My router provides the following:

Nook Usage.PNG

Not everyone has this type of router but everyone has a need to be a able to track what hour activity happened.


We used to have this:


Anyone can see that the new meter does not provide the same level of detail.

Can we get the old Hourly History Display back? The new one is pretty and it is colorful but as a tool it is useless.









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Re: Hughes usage History Meter Display

Hi Gwalk,


Thanks for posting this! This is a great visual comparison that further supports your suggestion. I'll send this over to the developers too.