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What function does the community site serve? Is it actually connected to HughesNet or not? Do the moderators work for Hughesnet and can they actually resolve problems? My service is terrible and has been terrible since I signed up 3 months ago. Can't stream anything. Some guy named GabeU gave me instructions to run speed tests and post them here which I did. GabeU agreed they were terrible but then he disappeared. HOW DO I GET THE PROBLEM FIXED!!!!!!!  I've contacted the service dept. many times and they have done nothing. This is crazy. Sombody do something!

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The moderators here are the best of Hughes. If anyone can help you, it is them but it's hard to fix things that may be irreparably broken. Best to bump your post Monday morning. The moderators get weekends off.


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I apologize.  My mind was elsewhere that week and I should have tagged the reps/mods after you posted your speed test results.  I have now done so on your original thread.  They will be the ones to help you.    


The reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST.  


Again, I apologize for the mistake.  

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