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HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?


HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

I knew they should not have taken the monthly service fee for my service this month. However when I checked my payment option they took the full amount. Here is my transcript with the rep.. They seem to be out of touch.

Length of chat:
Your Name: Ricky Chatted with: Summer Hendrix  
4:27 PM Summer Hendrix: Hello, Ricky. Thank you for contacting HughesNet Support. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today.
4:28 PM Summer Hendrix: I'm Summer Hendrix. I understand that you would like to verify your commitment status , is that correct?
4:28 PM Ricky: Yes
4:29 PM Summer Hendrix: Alright, I can definitely provide you the information that you need. In order for me to help you with this, I may need to ask a few questions. Will that be okay?
4:30 PM Ricky: Yes
4:30 PM Summer Hendrix: Thank you. Are you considering to end the service with Hughesnet?
4:30 PM Ricky: Why is that question necessary for me to answer in order to get my question answered?
4:31 PM Summer Hendrix: Not really Sir its just that to avoid any future cancellation since you are inquiring about your contract.
4:31 PM Ricky: Can you just please answer my question?
4:33 PM Summer Hendrix: One moment please.
4:34 PM Summer Hendrix: I'm just waiting for the contract to show up.
4:35 PM Summer Hendrix: Thank you so much for waiting Ricky. It shows that your account ended the contract yesterday.
4:35 PM Ricky: You must be using HughesNet as your Internet service provider. 4:35 PM Summer Hendrix: You don't have any commitment with any contract now.
4:36 PM Summer Hendrix: Were doing multi tasking Sir that is why there's a bit of delay to some information needed.
4:36 PM Ricky: Does HughesNet bill a month in advance?
4:38 PM Summer Hendrix: Yes Ricky. Your bill for this billing cycle covers till December 19th since your billing date is every 20th.
4:39 PM Ricky: I won the photo contest prize and I should receive 2 free years of service. Why did HughesNet just take the full amount of $98.28 out of my account?
4:40 PM Summer Hendrix: Is this " Photo Contest " from Hughesnet?
4:40 PM Ricky: My winning of the contest is well documented. Both in emails to me, letter sent to me and the community post by Katie.
4:40 PM Summer Hendrix: Let me just check that.
4:42 PM Summer Hendrix: While I'm checking, I would like to inform you that your regular bill every month is $98.28 this is the usual amount that we collect from you and this covers from November 20th till December 19th.
4:43 PM Ricky: My free service was to kick in at the end of my contract. You have already verified my contract is fulfilled. Your bill is for service after the end of my contract.
4:44 PM Ricky: Go to the community and search for photo contest winners. You will see my winning photos.
4:44 PM Ricky: Ricky H.
4:45 PM Summer Hendrix: Yes, it ended last November 20th and it doesn't mean that it will stop there. If you are using the service, it will still continue along with the bill.
4:46 PM Summer Hendrix: The bill will only stop once your requested for the account to be cancelled.
4:46 PM Summer Hendrix: After the contract, the service will still continue not unless you will request it to be terminated.
4:47 PM Summer Hendrix: Since your account is already out of the contract, you will now only be billed on a month to month basis.
4:47 PM Ricky: Uh?
4:47 PM Ricky: What are you talking about?
4:48 PM Ricky: Okay I see this is going nowhere. Just to clarify. You say I will still be receiving a bill for the full amount each month. Even though I believe you have verified me as a winner.
4:49 PM Summer Hendrix: About the charge Ricky. The $98.28 is a valid charge even if you are already out of the contract.
4:49 PM Ricky: It is not about being out of contract. As a winner of the contest I am to receive 2 free years of service.
4:49 PM Summer Hendrix: Do you have a confirmation number about this promo or this photo contest?
4:49 PM Ricky: Why are you still taking the full amount? There is nothing free about that.
4:50 PM Ricky: 9711291237
4:50 PM Summer Hendrix: One moment please.
4:51 PM Ricky: Case # 42909491
4:55 PM Ricky: Are you still here?
4:57 PM Summer Hendrix: Yes, thank you for waiting.
4:57 PM Summer Hendrix: I appreciate your patience Ricky.
4:57 PM Ricky: So have you verified what I told you?
4:57 PM Summer Hendrix: We have the record now about the prize you won. 4:58 PM Summer Hendrix: What I will do now is I will escalate this issue to have the charge corrected. May I have a contact number where we may reach you?
4:59 PM Ricky: No escalation needed. You have the proof you took my money and should not have. Refund my money immediately. Thank you.
5:01 PM Summer Hendrix: I understand that Ricky its just that the reason for the callback is for us to confirm it with you through voice support.
5:02 PM Ricky: There is no need for that. Again you have the proof. Refund my money.
5:04 PM Summer Hendrix: This refund can only be process through our advance billing department that is why we would like to assign a callback. This is a special promo that is why for cases like this, its only our advance support who handles this.
5:04 PM Summer Hendrix: As much as I would like to process any refund for you, we don't have any capability to do that.
5:05 PM Ricky: You have my number and if you don't ask Katie in ECC. She has it.
5:06 PM Summer Hendrix: Okay, just to confirm, the number we do have on file is 410*******. I will have this escalated now. Is there anything else for today? 5:06 PM Ricky: Yes, refund my money today.
5:08 PM Summer Hendrix: I assure you that once our phone support contacted you back, this will be refunded to you as soon as possible.
5:08 PM Summer Hendrix: Is there anything else that I may assist you with? 5:08 PM Ricky: This will be taken to the community.
5:10 PM Summer Hendrix: I will have this noted Ricky. Is there anything else? 5:11 PM Summer Hendrix: Are you still with me?
5:12 PM Summer Hendrix: Were you able to receive my messages? Please respond, thank you.
5:12 PM Ricky: Uh
5:12 PM Summer Hendrix: Is there anything else for today Ricky?
5:12 PM Ricky: I got you message. You are way out of touch. HughesNet had no reason to take this money from me this month. I should not have had to prove all this to you.
5:13 PM Ricky: You had no idea until I provided you with the confirmation number and case number. I even had another way to prove it, a email.
5:13 PM Ricky: No excuse.
5:13 PM Summer Hendrix: We all have the record Ricky that is why I will escalate this issue now to have this fix as soon as possible.
5:14 PM Ricky: To late. Going public
5:14 PM Summer Hendrix: I understand and will have this included on the record. Is there anything else?
5:14 PM Ricky: Nope.
5:16 PM Summer Hendrix: I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today. Again, thank you for contacting Hughesnet Chat Support. You may now press end chat button. Thank you.
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Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

crooks indeed... I'd like to know how come I never heard of this photo contest from this ridiculously outrageously expensive ISP... how does everyone feel about the new bandwidth allowance resetting at the end of the month instead of daily???? RIPOFF .... can't wait till AT&T gets DSL out here... I see they've been upgrading like mad out here in the sticker patch Smiley Happy
Associate Professor

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

The photo contest was announced in the Hughesnet news letters that are sent out every season, it was also announced here, and on the Hughesnet Facebook page.

As far as the bandwidth allowance resetting monthly, that has been the normal for Jupiter service plans since late 2012.

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

Charles, in my case at least, they are dead wrong. They should not have charged me this month for service. No excuse. They had plenty of time to get the billing right in my case.
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Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

I wasn't saying that Hughes is in the right, just clarifying the conest and allowance stuff to Pete.  In this situation, Hughes should be refunding your months service and have you on free service already.

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

Good afternoon Ricky,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just reviewed our letter to you after winning the contest and we did say we would start your free 2 years of service when your contract was up. Your contract ended on 11/20/14 (today), however HughesNet does bill ahead of time. Your free 2 years of service starts after the contract is up, so from December 20th, 2014 and onward you will receive your free service. We apologize for any confusion this has caused and if you have any more questions about your service billing, I'd be happy to help.


Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

No worries Charles, we are on the same page.

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

Oh dear. Here is the full email I received. I agree with your statement. I should receive free service after the completion of my contract. As your representative stated and you have posted I would receive free service after the completion of my contract. It is done as of 11-20-14. There does not seem to be a disagreement on that. That being said, and agreed to, then how can you bill me for the next month after the completion of my contract? HughesNet is wrong and I am requesting a refund on the month in question.

Your turn....

Congratulations Ricky!


You have won two $100 Visa Gift Cards and two-years of complimentary HughesNet Service . The two $100 Visa Gift Cards has been order today for shipment directly to your verified address.  Your prize provider and order confirmation information are listed here:


Prize Provider Name:  Staples

Prize Provider Contact Info: 1 (800) 333-3330

Order Confirmation Number:  9711291237


Your HughesNet complimentary year of service will be automatically added to your current contract which concludes on 11/20/2014.  Should you wish to reference this complimentary service provision, contact us via 866 347 3292 and refer to case number [42909491] or send us an email via


Thank you for again for sharing what you love about where you live and allowing others to appreciate it through your photos.


The Community Team

Sara, Liz, Amanda, Warren, and Miles

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

How about this statement from the HughesNet representative...

4:46 PM Summer Hendrix: The bill will only stop once your requested for the account to be cancelled.

I assume that is only if I request my service to stop as it states. Makes no difference if I won a contest?????

Re: HughesNet Crooks or playing dumb?

Hi Ricky,

Yes, that is the same e-mail we've got! I suppose it can be confusing on both sides since we would start your free 2 years of service after your contract is up, but your billing date is also the same day your contract ends...

This is a tricky situation on both sides, since technically we have your account set up to give you 2 years of free service after the contract was ended (so, we stop billing you after November 20th, 2014). No worries here, we're happy to clear this up and get you this month back to your card - you've been an asset in our community and in the YakShack and we have no problem with it.

Thank you,