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HughesNet Customer Service Sucks!

I've been trying for 3+ weeks to get a problem resolved and nothing!


Online techs are worthless liars [aka **bleep**ed parrots] who can't answer straight forward questions!


Engineers are incompetent or just don't give a **bleep** about fixing things and they sure as **bleep** don't ever call you back, leave a message with number and extension, and obviously to lazy to send an email!


I found a bug in the online account registration, if you upgrade your plan or add any additional services, it screws up your account and will no longer access your account information.  Instead, the only thing displayed is "Invalid OpenID or Credentials."


I can't even get a straight answer to my HughesNet Voice order status which was 3+ weeks ago so who knows what the deal with that is!  At this point, I don't even want it since HughesNet has no customer service thats worth a **bleep**!


Thinking about turning a lawyer loose on them.  I'm sick of their **bleep**, lies, and clearly fraud!


**bleep**, during certain times of the day, speeds are at dial-up or connection times out and this is a Gen5 system!  I'm not going to pay $100+ a month for dial-up speeds because I already had that with Frontier DSL and that was only $9.99 a month!


Ok, First off. I am a installer and have been doing Hughesnet for over 6 years. Before that exede dish and DTV.  Two way communication is way different the sat TV.  We have to follow F  C C regulations for installs.  Not following them we can get fined.  Second, all of Hughesnets fittings have a rubber seal on the inside.. Hughesnet is the only company to use these.. We are also required to put in Dielectric grease in all outdoor fittings. Pointing is not has easy has you make it sound.  When doing it threw your laptop threw the modem there is a big delay.  But not threw or app that we use.   Even thou you might have a signal level of 105.  In your area it could need to be 109.  And that makes a big diffence.  When we do a install or repair..  It show signal levels of other customers in that area.. So we can tell if we are within range.

@WeaverCattleCo wrote:



Hate to burst your bubble but the F©© myth has been floating around for decades [and I started working with satellite dishes [C-Band] in the late 80s]!  If you can find the exact F©© regulation that prevents someone from pointing a sat dish then please post it here 🙂

@WeaverCattleCo, not a myth when it comes to two-way based communications. TV is one thing, two-way comm. is another thing.  We are only permitted by Hughesnet (the authorized entity) to operate, but not aim the satellites.

CFR 47 Chapter 1 Part 25 Subpart A  §25.102
Station Authorization Required.


(a) No person shall use or operate apparatus for the transmission of energy or communications or signals by space or earth stations except under, and in accordance with, an appropriate authorization granted by the Federal Communications Commission.

(b) Protection from impermissible levels of interference to the reception of signals by earth stations in the Fixed-Satellite Service from terrestrial stations in a co-equally shared band is provided through the authorizations granted under this part.

The dealers that sell mobile kits are required to train those that purchase them in the operation, and proper pointing procedures, which will allow them to perform the install.

And the installers, while they can use just the modem WebGUI, and encouraged to use a special application to perform these installs, as @gokartergo24 points out, it provides far more data than the WebGUI provides.

@Amanda will look into getting your open ID error resolved when shes back in the office.



Again, that doesn't apply to the installers and only to HughesNet and the equipment they are issuing/using.


That's why that F©© device compliance sticker is stuck on or in all devices that transmit data in any fashion due to potential interference issues.  Installers are only using equipment that's already meet F©© approval.  Don't believe me, call the F©© and ask them 🙂


There is no F©© registration for sat installers of any kind, never has been, and probably never will be.


This is a old myth thats been around since the days of DirecWay and was debunked a long time ago.  It was started by dealers/installers to discourage customers from buying & installing their own equipment cutting them out of their sale/service!


If F©© restrictions were as strict as your leading people to believe for installations then as I pointed out in a previous post there wouldn't be mobile installs because the test can be passed by anyone who has a reading comprehension beyond the 5th grade because its open-book!


These myths/misinformation are just as bad as the ones that plague the HVAC industry and its all due to installers/owners wanting to stick more cash in their pockets at the customers expense of course.


Now, the sat internet companies have always had their own policies and guidelines for installations (and to meet NEC codes when grounding) that I won't argue with 🙂


1: The rules make zero mentioning of having to pass a test, nor registering with the F.C.C.
2: Pretty sure most all DirecWay equipment (except the 6000 and 7000 maybe?) was one-way, as in, it was downlink via satellite, uplink via telephone, so the rule wouldn't apply to those units.
3: The rule doesn't apply to Satellite TV, the earth station for customers does not transmit, it only recieves.
4: The VAR's that sell the mobile stations will not sell to you unless you pass a test that they are required by contract with Hughes to conduct on a users abilities to perform proper pointing.
5: I encourage you to blast a signal into space and hit another satellite with it, or even off randomly to another area.  The F.C.C. has chased after people who have done similar things in the past as it falls into signal jamming, which is a felony.  While they have not specifically gone after someone that has jammed a satellite in the past, they can.

You, the end user unless signed up with the VAR for a mobile station, is not permitted to perform aiming of any kind.  If an end-user points a dish intentionally with no training and it causes other satellites to have issues due to the interference, you are looking at a felony. ...


Like I said, two-way communications is different from one-way communications.  Go out and peak your satellite TV all you want, doesn't matter, it's not transmitting data into space.

Funny how "it started with dealers and installers" yet as I posted earlier, there are F.C.C. rules prohibiting end users from pointing of two-way satellite based communications.  But I guess in your world, that rule doesn't exist because there's no requirement to register with the F.C.C. as an installer.

While you may have the ability and understanding of how to point a satellite, Hughesnet hasn't provided you with permission to do so (unless, as I said, you signed up through a VAR with a mobile station), and at the same time, encouraging others is stupidity.



1. That's right!


2. Wrong again!  DirecWay was Two-Way only (DirecPC and Starband were One-Way).


3. Not exactly!  This really falls under the satellite service provider policy.  Whether they allow self-installations is totally up to them.  Some commerical/business two-satellite providers allow their customers to order the equipment and self-install.  This way they don't have to deal with dealers/installers which to them is nothing more than another middleman.  The only catch with those companies is that its up to you to troubleshoot and repair issues [they do offer phone support if needed]. 


When it was DirecWay and early on when HughesNet, people could buy the own equipment and move it around at will which blows your whole theory out of the water.  No one is talking about jamming a satellite.  Most DIYers who bought their own equipment were quite capable of pointing a satellite dish.  I installed my own equipment at that time with no installer number and the F©©, DirecWay, nor HughesNet came looking for me and I'm not a convicted felon either.  It was harder to cancel the service than activating it especially when HughesNet took over! 


Only later on due to complaints from dealers/installers did they really start cracking down on this practice and not once during that time did DirecWay or HughesNet complain about their satellite being jammed or service being degraded because of all those self-installations!


4.  Right, I won't mention the company that does the mobile accounts but any fool can pass that test and they can re-point that dish anytime they want.  Let me put this another way, pointing the dish is so easy that I'd wager a million dollars that no mobile account has ever caused a slowdown or jammed the satellite and most of these mobile users have little or no installation experience and that speaks volumes as to its difficulty.  The only catch to all of this always boils down to money.  If you want to self-installation, its going to cost you a small fortune and HughesNet and the Dealer happily take your money with little concern about you slowing down or jamming the satellite by giving you a test a monkey could pass and shipping you the equipment.


5.  Again, has anyone been arrested for jamming a satellite or had their account teriminated for causing an interruption in service?  Highly doubt it.  What's to stop a misaligned dish from doing the samething that was installed by one of your "official" installers, are you able to check the signal of every dish pointed at that satellites spotbeam and determine the culprit and disable the single account that may be causing issue till resolved?  If so that I would find amazing but I have my doubts 🙂


I know its a felony to jam any signal, tell me something that isn't obvious!


Here's what it boils down to folks, if you cough up enough cash and were talking roughly $1700+ then a certain dealer and HughesNet will give you a simple little test to pass [most installers in my area are high school drop-outs and they pass it easily enough], ship you all the equipment, and allow you to aim and repoint the sat dish anytime/anywhere you want with absolutely no sat installation experience required!


This is why I find it amusing when certain people seem really worried about interference, signal jamming, especially when HughesNet dealers require potential installers to go through weeks of on-the-job training before getting an installer # [they don't pay you either] but if you have the cash you can do pretty much whatever you want  😮


.... but hey, I only have 20+ years of installation experience, what do I know right?



20+ years experience ... C-Band, DirecTV, Dish, DirecPC, Starband, DirecWay, WildBlue, HughesNet, etc. 🙂


lol ... I think I know what I'm saying when I say its easy to point a dish ... one-way or two-way ... makes no difference the goal is one and the same ... to peak the signal out as high as you can ... simple as that.


The only thing that has changed is the equipment use which has made things much easier for the installer.


It's not rocket science 🙂


... and my signal in perfect weather is around 114-115.

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@WeaverCattleCo wrote:


lol ... I think I know what I'm saying when I say its easy to point a dish ... one-way or two-way ... makes no difference the goal is one and the same ... to peak the signal out as high as you can ... simple as that. 


Whether peaking a dish is as simple as breathing or as difficult as proving Fermat's Last Theorem doesn't really matter.  Customers shouldn't be doing it, as attempting such can not only make the issue(s) worse, it can cost them money they may not have otherwise had to pay.  Neither the experience level of the customer, nor their knowledge of satellite systems, matters.  It's a blanket policy, and it's in place for good reason.    

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Tweaking the receive signal is fairly easy, tweaking the transmit is a whole different thing, takes a specialized tool (DAPT2). Lots of room for error on the receive side, very little on transmit side.


I have a significant amount of radio/satellite signal experience but would not try to adjust things on my own enless an emergency situation. I don't own the necessary tools. All I'm going to say, can take it or leave it.


Here is the full installation PDF:



Thanks for the PDF link but I already had it 🙂



I'm familar with the OPI, DAPT, DAPT2, and the Squinters (even "E" for Gen5).



I'll try and dumb this down for you. Since you think all of us Hughesnet installers are high school drop outs. When you are pointing.  You are only seeing the SQF of the downlink. How can you tell what the SQF is of the uplink when you are pointing? I'll give you a hint.  You can't, with any device other then running OVT.   And only Hughes techs can run OVT. So you have no way of knowing for sure that your Dish is pointed properly.



Take a college class in Logic ... I didn't say "all" nor do you know what I think 🙂


You sure about that ... if that's so important to the installation process then please dumb it down for me according to you how the mobile account customers ever get their dish pointed since only techs have access to the OVT ... lol

  Because they are given a tech number to allow them to use Oasis  That allows them to move it...  Stop thinking you know everthing.  You sure has heck don't.  And why are you posting on other forums that E19 is over sold.. What proof of that do you have? It is not even close to being over sold.

From my understanding, even mobile accounts still have to call if they change location in order to get the system to allow them to hop between beams.




While I appreciate the advice, this isn't my first rodeo 🙂


I've had satellite internet since the days of DirecPC [one-way] ... DirecWay [two-way] ... and HughesNet for a while till DSL came along and out-performed it [3Mbps] with no data caps (that was till Verizon dumped all its DSL customers onto Frontier and overloaded the network).  I use to be an IT administrator for a big name tire company before taking over the family business so I know my way around computers and networking!


I've also installed and maintained all my sat systems till this new Gen5 system which I done all the installation work except for the pointing of the dish and I supervised that process which was a cakewalk.  The HughesNet dealer tried to hire me several times because I do excellent work but $120 an install in my opinion at my age isn't worth wasting my time on plus I wouldn't feel right install this system for anyone seeing how customer service is non-existent in my opinion :O)


My sat signal is 105 and up [varies a little based on weather].  Trust me, its not a dish pointing issue, the hardware and signal are just fine.


My average speeds are 35+Mbps [peak speeds during off-hours at closer to 48Mbps] ... only during a certain time of the day does it slow!  It maybe that particular website server too and it not being able to handle peak traffic.


I can't resolve the account problem on my end, it has to been a account server issue because the other accounts are accessible which tells me its not a website problem!  Only problem is the engineers don't call back and techs lie repeatedly and won't answer simple straightforward questions.


I've duplicated the glitch over and over yet no one seems to be able to address the issue!  I surely don't want to delete the email account and create a new one because then I have the task on updating every since website accounts with the new address which takes about an hour to complete!


... and yeah, I've known about using a credit card for a long time.  Gives you another recourse for action with fraudulent companies 🙂


Right now their 'Hold Time' and their internet speed sucks. I have been on hold waiting to talk to someone for 36 minutes. My internet speed has got gradually worse over the last few weeks and I am a fairly new customer. Today it was 0.24 mbps. I don't expect 20 mbps ALL the time as I know speeds vary. Last night I had to walk away from Netflix as it kept buffering. I can't watch a You Tube video without it constantly stopping..... so I am not happy right now. 



Speed isn't an issue for me and I feel for you.  More than likely, just like Exede, the spotbeam your on is probably overloaded.  I know they stopped signing up people in my area due to everyone's speeds operating at or near dail-up!


Good luck getting anyone from HughesNet to fix it ... they seem more content to argue if you rather than fix the problem!