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HughesNet Gen4 at Motor Home

New Member

HughesNet Gen4 at Motor Home

Good afternoon!

My boss recently call me to say me that an email message arrival to his inbox. This message offers a new service choice from HughesNet and talk about an upgrade of the service.

He said me: "Please, call or contact them to see if their upgrade offers applies to us". He have a service located at 78501. But, as a good hunter, any times goes to mexican border to practice your favorite sport.

Question: He think to acquire a service to install it on his motor home. Is possible do it? What he need to can use it without a problem? As a reference, all the ranch or farms where he trip to hunt are located at 37 miles to south of borderline.

I hope can help me!

Note: Please, send me a copy of your responses to [removed to protect privacy]

Re: HughesNet Gen4 at Motor Home

Good morning elterrero,

Welcome and thanks for posting! Good question; HughesNet is not suitable for mobile use. The dish can only be pointed by an authorized HughesNet installer. I hope this clears things up.

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