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HughesNet Learning Curve


HughesNet Learning Curve

Well, It's been about 20 days since my HN hookupand it's been an say the least. I went into this thinking it was gonna be better than sliced bread, but found it's just a loaf of bread...LOL.

I went from practically non-exsistant service with AWI networks, a fixed wireless system, with unlimited service for about $80/mo. to HN that works well but with HUGE caveats.


1.) DL/UP is about 35-48/1.5-3.5 Pretty good numbers from TESTMY.NET, but it rarely FEELS like that speed. Latency or ping takes some getting use to usually around 500-900ms.

2.) The data we use is MUCH more than suspected or anticipated. 10gig probably 'aint gonna get it and buying tokens is going to get expensive. Just two in the household and we don't stream movies or youtube etc.

3.) NO ACCESS to remote view IP cams, security system, Google Remote Desktop, AlarmCom way, no how.


Talking to the sales folks prior to signing up, they were GREAT...for HN! They told me EVERYTHING I wanted to hear, and signed me up for 2yrs. I probably would have gone with HN even with the short comings, I just wish sales would have been more UP FRONT.


As it stands, living in the boonies has it's rewards and shortcomings, namely lack of internet and a long dirt


So we went from expensive/slow/unlimited fixed wireless to cheaper/faster/severly restricted HN. I'm not sure which is better at this point.


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Re: HughesNet Learning Curve

One thing to keep in mind.  Even if you go into FAP (use all of your data) the speed you are reduced to may still be enough for what you do.  A lot of people have found this.  That's one of the advantages of Gen5 over Gen4, which had a very slow FAP speed (though I believe that's changed now).  So, if you don't really stream movies or do much Youtube, the FAP speed may very well be adequate for you and you may not really notice much of a difference.  It's just a thought, but you might be pleasantly surprised.  


BTW, for your first twenty of service you are in a "relaxed bandwidth" state, meaning that your data keeps refilling.  If it's been just over that 20 days, and you are finding that you are using your 10GB very quickly, it may very well be more quickly than you think, as in the data you've used since those refills stopped.  If it's only been a day or two since that refill period ended and you've already used quite a bit of the 10GB, it may run out on you quickly.   


With this said, if you need help or advice on how to save as much data as you can, including settings adjustments and "data saving" apps, we're here to help.  

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Re: HughesNet Learning Curve

"They told me EVERYTHING I wanted to hear"


It's sales.  Same thing happens when you are looking to buy a car or a home.  It's how selling is. It's a thing when people sell stuff, from fish to palaces.


"So we went from expensive/slow/unlimited fixed wireless to cheaper/faster/severly restricted HN."


So you went from cable to satellite internet.  Satellite internet is more restricted than cable. It's a consequence of the technology.  You have choices, though. Among them, you can go with no internet, or you can move and get less restricted internet from a cable provider, you can accept the limitations of the technology you are using, etc.



Re: HughesNet Learning Curve

Gabe, THANKS for the offering! I'm sure I'll be back with questions here and there. This forum has a ton of knowledge...


Maratsade, HA, your right on the mark with sales...and I'm no stranger to sales. As I said, they did a great job! lol...As far as going from cable to Sat, I went from fixed wireless to Satellite, and there is a huge difference. Fixed wireless has a transmitter located at an elevated location and services a local area. My location was on the edge of this service area (as I was told) which was the cause of my less than acceptable Internet performance.


And ya, I get limits on technology, that's also what I do. What I DIDN'T count on was the restriction on IPcam/ remote access to remote desktop etc with HN. That aspect sucks, but whatt'ya gonna do...there is only so much bandwitdth on that 22,000 mile long pipe...unless HN wants to limit the number of paying customers and give unlimited access...for a gazillion dollars.


I went from nearly nothing to something better for less $$...I'm OK for now, I'll work it out.