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HughesNet Staus Meter Inconsistentcies

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HughesNet Staus Meter Inconsistentcies

HughesNet Staus Meter inconsistencies. I have recorded daily meter readings and found that the meter  is randomly showing inconsistent readings in anytime data. 
2-14-17 @3:18p = 8mbs
2-14-17 @6:15p = 1mbs
2-15-17 @12:03p = 60mbs
2-15-17 @4:58p = 5mbs

I have attached the screen grabs for these readings,
Also notice that the meter always reads 100%.

Shouldn't the meter read the accumulative amount of data until the refresh date?
Why is the first reading of the day larger than the second reading?
Honorary Alumnus

Are you a new subscriber?

New subscribers will have their allowance reset daily for the first 10 days (HN9000 modem) or 20 days (HT1100 modem). This is done so as to allow you to get all of your computers and devices updated without impacting your allowance.

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Thank you for clarifying the daily reset for new subscribers. Why that is not mentioned anywhere is puzzling. Also that does not answer the question of why the first reading is higher than the second reading of the same day if, as you said, if resets daily. Is the beginning of a Hughesnet day in the middle of the afternoon?
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Honestly, the reset can occur at any time.

Another potential reason would be that for some reason the meter had yet to connect to the Gateway and get into sync with the modem and the store modem value was out of date.

This 10 or 20 day daily reset SHOULD have been described to you in a "Welcome to Hughesnet" email.

In truth this is something extended to new users that has really has cause "issues" with some folks that find it a deceptive tactic.

Proof I guess that no good deed goes unpunished.

People KNOW that it is a capped service, look at the usage meter ... and in some cases at least feel that they are  ... getting away with something .... then howl like a banshee when it ends.


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I've got to give you credit for noticing this.  It shows that you are already one step ahead of some of the new customers in that you are watching your data usage.  So many don't, and it's unfortunate, as they end up chugging right along until they run out of data a few days after the complementary daily resets end, never having bothered to look at it and getting used to what they may not be able to do, data wise, once those daily resets end.

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Thanks for your prompt response. I seem to have passed the 20 day reset cycle and the meter seems to be accruing data chronologically. I will update if I find any other discrepancies with the meter. Hopefully not.
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