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HughesNet versus 4GLTE

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HughesNet versus 4GLTE

After waiting months only to find out that Hughes won't offer any relief from their horribly slow performance, I picked up a 4GLTE router from our regional wireless provider yesterday. Even though speeds are only clocking in at 2-3Mbps, it is lightning fast compared to Hughes...even when Hughes is running 30Mbps at 2am. On the 4GLTE I can watch videos without buffering, web pages load almost instantly, Amazon works, and I can actually download emails using a client without the process timing out (no joke!). The difference is just phenomenal. So what gives? Why does Hughes, even when running at top speed, still not achieve close to the performance of 4GLTE running at 1/15th the speed?


On a side note, I don't have to worry about sweeping snow off of a dish in the winter or degraded performance due to weather, and it costs less for more bandwidth, is totally portable, doesn't require a tech to set it up, and I get to work with an extremely helpful local agent... in person...who actually calls me back after doing research for me that I didn't even ask him to do.


@jezra wrote:

@ml520 the modem has a built in battery, but for portability reasons, I need the ability to run in from a solar powered setup.  Even if the setup were permanent at my location, it would still need to run from a solar powered setup because the best signal (even with a 20-30' antenna) is no where near a power outlet. 

Can you run coax from your remote antenna site to your router?