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HughesNet versus 4GLTE


Re: HughesNet versus 4GLTE

Funny how 4G LTE is a whole different animal than 3G EVDO out here in the boonies 9 miles crowfly from the tower. I never could take advantage of the 10 GB allowance that came with my phone until I got a new 4G LTE capable phone. What used to be 1xRtt at double dialup speed with 3G phones is now up to 16 Mbps with the new phone.


Back in the last decade I had a Cradlepoint router and a 3G modem that worked well for a while. Then Vz lost or gave up the CDMA 1900 band and the 3G went to 1xRtt. That's when I finally bit the bullet and switched to Hughes.


Re: HughesNet versus 4GLTE

@Sweetpea3829 wrote:
I sincerely hope your Hotspot works well for you. For the long run. Ours was good for a few weeks and then it wasn't.

Thanks ... cell coverage here kind of depends on where you locate the device, so for phones it can be a bit of a pain. With a stationary router it seems to be working out well. Signal strength is usually only a couple of bars but so far it has exceeded my expectations and is the fastest service I've ever had....bearing in mind I moved from 56kbps dialup years ago to Starband satellite to Hughes satellite, so I've never had the true broadband experience in my home.