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Hughesnet SUCKS

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Hughesnet SUCKS

The mods can check on the original link any time -- you don't need to announce that you've run more tests.  Just run them as they asked, and they will be able to access them without your posting a link every time. 


@john12 wrote:

I was loged in, under user name , john Black



Re: Hughesnet SUCKS             


 New York, NYUSarrow1 MB186 kbps 23 kB/s


Two weeks now and still slow , It is peak hours but still They will never say they over sold the sat, If it was anything else it would be fixed by now. Hughes knows what it is,but they will run you through every thing they can so you will think they are working hard on a fix your problem ,yes your problem,Have they ever told you it was there problem? NO.   Hey mods just close this thread,no help here