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Hughesnet modem using my data when nothing is even connected

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Hughesnet modem using my data when nothing is even connected

I have disconnected my wireless router and had my computer off and the modem is still flashing the top 3 lights which means it is using data. I am so frustrated with this! It got a bit better when I shut it off for 12 hours but how often should I have to do that? I am not pleased at all they add on little token but if you use the token by the next month it don't carry over what is left. I am so frustrated! Looking for another provider if things don't change. They also need their old plans back it had more data and for half the anytime date now I am paying over $100 a month and can't even watch youtube video's much less connect even my phone to my home internet or I will exceed my data. Seems as long as I only check my email and don't do much else I am ok. This sucks!
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To save typing I'm going to repost my reply to your other comment:


It not unusual for the receive and transmit light to blink. The modem when powered up is in constant communication with the Hughes Gateway.

That "overhead" data is not charged against your allowance.

It is possible that data is being used by one or more devices on your network without your knowledge.

Routers themselves can use data depending on their internal settings. Data can be used by nearby devices if guest accounts are not disabled. Wireless devices can connect to your network if all wireless frequencies have not had proper wireless encryption enabled.

There has been a report by one user that a computer that had its normal internet connection disabled was able to reconnect to the network by using a wireless printer as an access point.

Finally we have the question of "are the devices really OFF or are they in sleep or hibernate mode"

Besides starting a new thread of your own so that support can be focused on your issue I would suggest that you run a modem isolation test to rule out any possible issues with the modem itself.

Here is the procedure:

Once you have started your own topic and have posted the results of the above test we can determine the next step to be taken.

Related to your comment about Token Data, yes unused Token Data does "roll over".

As an example, I have 29.5 GB of Token Data "banked":


What modem do you have?

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Yea, mine blinks all the time when I know for a fact nothing is going on with my end devices. It doesn't mean data is being charged. The modem communicates with the satellite and gateway for many different reasons and that communication is not charged against allowance. Even if it was the amount is quite minuscule compared to even the smallest plan allowance.
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When the top light flashes it is communicating with the satellite but like when I just came home the top three were flashing away my computer was off and nothing else is even hooked up to it. IT isn't minuscule amounts either on day 2 of now data i was down 5% already and I only check my email 2 times a day . Really getting pissed off here! 
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I don't even have my wireless router hooked up anymore with all this. I am plugged directly into the computer with hard wire and my computer is off and still the 3 lights are flashing away. I was even told by hughes net that the three lights show data is being used but they can't figure out where. I am wondering if it has something to do with the modem. I dont' have a wireless anything hooked up and not even my cell phone so no way anything else can be using data. I have even unplugged it from my computer at times.
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Don't get PO'd, follow the steps in the graphic I posted.

#1: pick a time, anytime.
Take a screenshot of your status meter, save it and note the time.As you do, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the rear of the modem.

#2: After a period of time, (over night?) Reconnect the cable to the modem.

#3: Take another screenshot of the status meter again noting the time.

#4: post the before and after screenshots as well as the times here in the Community.
New Poster

Sounds typical... "It's the customer's fault"

No one said or implied he is at fault. Just a simple test of his Hughes modem to verify whether it is causing data loss.

Hello Keith,

The best way for us to pinpoint what is going on is to follow the directions laid out by Gwalks Graphic. When done correctly, we can login remotely and coincide the times when the modem tracks the Ethernet being unplugged and reattached. We will also be able to see if data is used. Just make sure to crop out your SAN if it is visible when taking screenshots.

New Member

I dont' even know how to do a screen shot. I have heard of it on phones but never on a computer. I have written the mb at night when I log off and shut down and unplugged everything and when I started it up and checked it first thing it used 1mb and I was told by several technical reps that the modem uses at least one mb or more per day just to keep signal. So shutting the modem down overnight still uses the data I am paying for and I was never told about this usage when I signed up. I have made multiple calls for support and never seem to get anywhere in the end. I have filled out the comment emails I get after the calls it isn't the person I am talking too fault but again I have just come home during the day the computer is off and the 3 top lights are flashing away with nothing even hooked up and no wireless router hooked up either. My direct tv wants me to connect to the wireless router but I can't use the computer without using up the data just to check my email and a few times a month check my facebook. The only thing that helped is when I shut the modem down for 12 hours it was better but now back to flashing away even when I am not here it seems. I am so frustrated. Again I don't know how to do a screen shot on my computer much less on my phone. I am getting a new cell company so I can check my email on there and facebook sad I should have to do that but no options anymore. You used to have the bonus data ran from midnight to 8am now it is 2am to 8am I for one am not up at 2am as I sleep or at least try to at night. They make such a big deal about the 50 gb that only gets used from 2 to 8am. They need to go back to their old plans that was worth the money since they dropped the anytime data and raised prices of the plans we are getting ripped off. Sorry but just being honest.
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Two questions:
What modem do you have ?
What Operating system do you have?

The LED's on your modem, from top to bottom are:






LAN: If a device (router or computer is connected by an Ethernet cable this LED will be on

Transmit: If the modem is sending data this LED will flash

Receive: If the modem is receiving data this LED will flash

An important note
The modem, when powered up is in (or should be) in constant communication with the Gateway. This communication will be visible as a blinking transmit/receive LED's

The data used for this background communication is known as "overhead" and is NOT deducted from you monthly allowance.

System: This LED signifies that a connection is indeed in effect between your terminal and the Hughes Gateway facility

Power: The power LED is illuminated when the unit is power on.

This info had been given to you previously. Forget the blinking lights for the moment and lets get down to measurement.

Post what OS you have and I will post directions to take and post a screenshot.

Post what modem you have so we can tell what "platform" you are operating under.
New Member

I completely shut my modem  HT1100 off and i have the highest 99.00 monthly on trail for 76.74 for 6 months but i can't even pull up a page at all when all data is used. Data is being used just to web surf no downloading at all for 3 years nothing has changed live in a very remote section of Ada, Oklahoma 74820 so no internet but this one so i'm stuck anyone got any advice that I haven't tried?????

quesirasira Plese open a new post so we can work on your issue. Don't tag onto someone else's which will confuse everyone. Don't know what you have tried but you can learn a lot from just browsing the many posts on this forum and testing as recommended. Good luck and Thank you.

Hi Keith,

The data used by the modem to communicate with that satellite is not significant, and does not count against your data allowance. It would be helpful to know what operating system you have to help with screenshots. We will need them to better assist you with this. Hope to hear from you soon.

New Member

I find your comment interesting as I have been told by at least two people when I called hughesnet they both said the data used by the modem just to communicate DOES count against my data allowance. When I was on the phone the one time and my computer was off the top three lights were flashing away and I have come home from shopping and found the 3 light flashing away and have been told by 3 people from hughnet that the top three lights means that data is being used but since I didn't have a wireless router hooked up they couldn't explain why this is going on. I said before I don't know how to do screen shots from my computer. I had written down the dates and amount of data when I went to bed and even unplugged the modem from my computer and went to bed when I got up I plugged it back in and checked the data and data was used when nothing was even hooked up to the modem throughout the night. This is very frustrating!
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 "3 people from hughnet that the top three lights means that data is being used but since I didn't have a wireless router hooked up they couldn't explain why this is going on"

Three tier one people couldn't explain what is going on.

The Modem itself is in constant communication with the earthside Gateway facility. Whenever there is activity between your Modem and the Gateway the transmit and receive LED's on the modem will flash.

That activity can consist of "overhead" communication or it can also include activity from any or all connected devices.

"overhead" activity in NOT CHARGED AGAINST YOUR ALLOWANCE but your connected device activity will be deducted.

" I said before I don't know how to do screen shots from my computer."

Every Windows based computer starting with Win Vista and including Win8. 8.1 and Win10 has a built-in screen grab tool called "Snipping Tool".

Here is a link that will show you how to find and use Snipping Tool on your computer:

Again, just because you have LED activity does not mean that the activity is being charged against your data allowance.

New Member

If as you say the 3 lights flashing don't mean activity is being charged why did 2 people I spoke to on the phone say when the top 3 lights are flashing it is using data. Also I had umpluged the internet cable to my computer on several different nights and when I hooked it back up in the morning there was MB gone???? I am curious how this can be explained. Why is it that whenever I hear from different people from hughes net they each can tell me different things? I don't know what to believe and what I can't believe anymore, I think everyone should be saying the same thing if what they are saying is the truth. Am I wrong? Again I was told from two people from Hughsnet that when the top three lights are flashing fast it means that data is being used but you say it isn't. This doesn't make any sense.
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Once again, there is a difference between "activity" and "activity being charged against your allowance".
I posted a link above on how to take a screenshot. You will need that skill.

#1: take a screenshot of the usage meter and then disconnect the LAN cable from the rear of the modem and note the time. Leave the modem powered up.

#2: wait several hours. (Overnight?)

#3: reconnect the LAN cable and take a screenshot of the usage meter and again note the time.

#4: post the screenshots of the disconnect/reconnect along with the times. The forum Mods will then validate your modems logs for the expected 13.1.1 LAN error log and duration of event.

Make sure that you leave the modem powered up.
Make sure that it is the LAN Ethernet cable you are disconnecting and not the coax cable.

Hi Keithstregesr,

If that is what you were told, that information is incorrect. However I would like for us to focus on what we can change right now and that is getting us the screenshots we need to properly identify what is going on with your site. Please follow the directions Gwalk has laid out. I am sure we can get to the bottom of this.

New Member

You know the sad part is I have been told things two separate tech people from hughesnet said the same and now you say they lied to me. Or they "were not correct" I don't know who to believe anymore. I can't say I can trust anyone at this point from what you wrote. I wish there was someone I could trust at hughesnet!  The two tech people that I spoke too seemed to know alot and were very knowledgeable but now your saying they were not correct who am I supposed to believe now? 
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OK Keith, try this:

Two weeks later you are at the same exact place you were in the beginning .....

Please try and understand the following:

The phone support people you talked to were tier 1 support people, They are primarily script driven. They are not in a position to discuss "overhead" or "command & Control"

Chris, the forum Mod who responded to you here in the Community is a the corporate level and works in the Germantown MD corporate headquarters.

You were asked by Chris to run a modem isolation test and post the results.

You have yet to do so.

You claimed to not know how to post a screenshot which is part of the process. I have posted links on how to do so ... twice.

#1: Learn how to take a screenshot

#2: Run the Modem Isolation Test

#3: Post the results

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