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Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

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Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

I'm having a problem in that hughesnet is telling me that my data is being used (much faster than it has been historically) and yet when I go to check my usage in MyDashboard, hughesnet tells me that the "data is not available". This has been going on for 5 days, and all the tech support people offer for a "solution" is that I should purchase a plan with a greater daily usage allowance. I can't seem to make any of them understand that the problem is on their end, not mine. How they can profess that I've used a certain amount of data, but they cannot even show me how much was used when, is beyond me.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem, and if so have you received any sort of assistance beyond the non-answers that I keep getting?
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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

The info displayed on the dashboard can get a little "wonky" sometimes.

Things to try:

Try another browser

Do a hard reset of the modem by powering off the unit, wait 30 seconds and power up again. (remember to do this at either the wall plug or at the power brick, NOT the plug at the rear of the modem)

If that doesn't work the forum Mods will have to address your display issue.

Be advised that currently the newly updated "history" display on the dashboard has some errors in it that are being worked on so discount that for the moment.

In the end, what "counts" is what is being charged against your data allowance and the best display for that is the dashboards "at a glance" meter so it is essential that the display problem you are having be addressed ASAP.

As to losing data:

It is ESSENTIAL that you simplify your network and the number of possible connection points during the troubleshooting phase.

That will start with connecting a single computer directly to the modem and doing a "Modem Isolation Test" that will rule the modem using data on its own in or out,

To do that, follow these steps:

While you are doing that it is recommended by many of us here in the Community to install a free program called Glasswire that will track data usage on the single computer it is installed on.

Glasswire may be found here:

You may be very surprised at the number of background processes running and connecting to the internet without your knowing it.

My suggestions for setting up Glasswire are as follows:
(click on picture for larger image)

The following may help you understand the results:


Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

Hi Extremely Private

We've located your account and were able to replicate the issue. Aside from trying a few things, I will need to escalate your case to get it resolved if I cannot do so manually. Please understand we are not purposely "refusing" to give you the data, as there seems to be a glitch. Have you tried looking to see if your data is available via the downloadable Status Meter since it is not in the Support Center? 

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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

We are having a similar problem. Out of the blue we started "using" almost 20mb/hr daytime data even though we have not changed anything.We are gone during the day. Both computers are shut off  and both cell phones off premises. I was reviewing the data usage and comparing different hours and days usage to find where the data is going. Now we are given a "new" data graph to monitor usage. I see no way to track data hourly past your current day which has the hours out of order and lags a few hours behind. It seems Hughesnet does not want us to be able to track our data. We also have the daytime minutes all mixed in with the bonus minutes. Many of us can't use many bonus minutes because of the ridiculous hours given for them, so how about a way to view the data separately? When I called about the data usage, they continually suggested we purchase more data. I told them right now I was more concerned about where the data I have is going! I put it all on a power strip and turn the whole damned mess off when not using it. The old data tracker was a pain to decipher totals used for certain times and compare to different days, but now they won't even let us do that with their "improvements." Calling in for assistance only opens you up for sales pitches.
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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

Hi Steve,

Because not all problems have the same root cause I would encourage you to start a new post of your own.

The hourly History Meter utility has just been "updated" and .... has issues.
Those issues will be resolved.

In he mean time please start a new post of your own but consider the following:

Data loss is one of the most difficult issues to prove/disprove.

A router is a "LAN MULTIPLIER" and as such adds to the difficulty of finding the data loss so I ask you to disconnect your router during the troubleshooting phase .... Divide & Conquer is the only approach. Doing otherwise is only a waste of time and adds to the frustration.

In the end, the data can only be used in one of two places:
On the Hughes end
On your end.

I suggest you (in addition to starting a new topic) follow the steps I posted for Extremely Private above.
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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

My question (to you and to the multiple "support" reps I have contacted at hughesnet) Is Why is my usage data not available? 
It seems rather suspect to me that when I was being told that my data usage was running out, I cannot find any way to get information from hughesnet telling me how much data was used when. 

I've tried different browsers on different computers. I've tried rebooting the hughesnet modem twice. I've tried clearing the cache in my browsers. Nothing changes the apparent fact that I cannot access the bandwidth usage data at all. 

Telling me to see what is available on the status meter (which I have) is a slap in the face. I question hughesnet's math with respect to what is available, as the fact that hughesnet does not know how much data I have used tells me that they cannot truthfully tell me how much is available. Where does hughesnet get is usage data for my account, and why can I not access the same data (or a compilation of such)?

Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

Please understand we are not purposely "refusing" to give you the data, as there seems to be a glitch.

I'll let you know what our developers say on the status of the missing data information as soon as they reply.

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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

Please please please, fix your damned "glitch"!

This is not funny anymore.


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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

That's really going to help.

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Re: Hughesnet refuses to supply bandwidth usage data

Yea, don't think they've singled you out to play "games" with. All caps is just plain stupid.