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Hughesnet voice

New Member

Hughesnet voice

I have a gen 5 setup and want to use a Obihai 200 and google voice, but tHe other person can never hear me right like I am on a bad cellphone connection. I know that there is a lot of lag but that shouldn't  be the reason for others not to hear me since hughesnet offers voice this should work, or is hughesnet slowing down VOIP.?

Assistant Professor

Re: Hughesnet voice

Third party VoIP boxes are not supported by HughesNet and most likely will not work well. The way they get their own box to work is it uses a speclized protocol/channel through the system, not the normal kind of settings. Satellite is not friendly to normal VoIP.


They can't and won't provide support for anything other than their own VoIP service.