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I have had Hughes Net for about six months now and was called out of town about a week after they installed it and was unable to use it for about four months. When I did come home it was to an internet and phone service that was in no way what was promised.

(1) It was just as slow, if not slower than my old service. The reason I shifted.

(2) It is unreliable. You cannot stream a program without it taking forever to watch with all the buffering. So I am forced to use my hot spot on my phone.

(3) I was told I needed to increase my data to 20GB and that would fix the problem. NOT SO.

(3) I have made several phone calls concerning my internet being slower that my previous provider and they conduct their test and say everything is good and that there is not a problem. I then tell them I can tell it’s not working properly a seen on my laptop and how long it takes to download any and all things. I even tell them that I can download and upload faster using my Hot spot, and they tell me that is not so.  So I guess they know more than me when it comes to my system and what I am seeing.

(4) I have another problem also. My data runs out before the end of the billing period. It’s amazing that when I had 10GB it ran out about in the middle of the billing period and now with 20GB it runs out in about the same period of time.  In both cases, I have spent many hours of my time shutting down and disconnecting all my devises from the internet and believe it or not, it did not make any noticeable difference.  I even unplugged my modem for about a week and went off my hot spot and my data continues to go down. That’s amazing isn’t it? I firmly believe that they set up their system to do this so they can sell you tokens.

(5) I have also noticed that my speed is the same with data left, as it is when they cut me back when my data is gone and they cut me back.  They also tell you that it wont go below 3-4 MB but this morning and as shown  on their own website,  I was getting 0 MB down load and 4 MB upload. So this shows you that once again they sold me a bogus product and under false advertising. This is on Sep 28th at 1000, 1115 and 1300 all read the same.

(6) Now to my phone service which is also through Hughes Net. I have been having problems with my service in that while in a conversation with someone I can hear them but they cannot hear me so I have to hang up and call them again.  This has just happened again this past week while talking to their technical representative twice during the same call (s).  I was told that my phone had to be connected directly to the modem box and not through the house wiring and that was the problem, even though it was sporadic and I asked them why was I not told that by their sales representative and the installer who saw what I had four phones and where they were connected and he even connected to the house phone wiring himself.  He even tested the phone system and said all was working fine. Since then I had to go out and purchase a base station with four remote phones wired directly to the modem and low and behold it still didn't work so that’s another $125.00 plus gone to the wind.

(7) If anyone is wondering how I am able to type these comments (serious concerns), I am doing so on my hotspot, which is not only more reliable and faster. Which to me is backwards being it’s coming from a tower, which is located approximately 20 miles away vice a satellite.


It is my opinion that Hughes Net is selling their service under false pretense and not holding up to what they promised. I also think that their Technical support personnel do not know what they are talking about because every time you call them, they have a different answer on what your problem is and have you do various different things that don't work.

I am so very sorry that I even got taken in with their internet service and wish I was back with my old provider. But low and behold I have a two-year contract until 2022, which means I have to go through this misery for a long time yet or lose a lot of my hard earned money.

I would not ever recommend this service to even my worse enemy, let alone with someone I know.

I hope others can no see what they might have to go through if they switch to Hughes Net.  I would encourage everyone to read many of their comments concerning Hughes Net and they will see so many of them are concerning the same subjects and problems. How they are able to stay in business is beyond me.

I would love to see government agencies or state agencies veiw all the complaint and investigate them.


Thank you for listening


I know that they will probably remove my comments so others cannot see it but if so I will put it on social media also.