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Hulu / Disney+ Streaming Issues - Netflix OK

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Re: Hulu / Disney+ Streaming Issues - Netflix OK

@mjvezzani , you are posting to an old thread. For more visibility of your posts and to get individualised attention from the HughesNet reps, please go to the main tech support page, then click on the blue button labeled "start a topic." You can copy and paste the information you posted here.  You will likely not receive replies from the reps until you start a new thread. 


Your speed tests need to follow the procedure detailed here. This procedure is required to have speed issues addressed in this community. 



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Re: Hulu / Disney+ Streaming Issues - Netflix OK

I think you hit the nail on the head (I use Roku).  There is something that Disney is doing that exacerbates the latency problems with satellite communication that Netflix doesn't do.  Changing Disney to SD does not correct the problem.  Occassionally you will be able to watch a Disney show without the buffering problem, but for me, the buffering problem happens at least 50% of the time.  Once it starts, you might as well head over to Netflix.  There may be other issues, like time of day and weather, that affect all streaming services but that doesn't account for the discrepancy between Netflix (good) and Disney (poor).  I may try looking into downloading entire disney shows during "free" time, but not sure how I will view them on my TV