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Hulu / Disney+ Streaming Issues - Netflix OK

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Hulu / Disney+ Streaming Issues - Netflix OK

We just moved and the only service that we could find that can provide internet service to the address after several days of service is Hughesnet.  We just got hooked up today and are having all kinds of issues trying to stream TV services.


Off our Roku TV...

- Hulu will not load at all.  I get "Network Error" and it won't even open the app.

- WWE Network never gets to a point where I even know what the issues are.  It never gets off the loading screen.

- Disney+ buffers so bad that it only stays on for like 2 minutes before I start getting buffering errors.

- Netflix... absolutely no issues at all.


On my laptop...

- Hulu loads on the laptop, but it is VERY low quality and buffers every 3-5 seconds.

- Disney+ takes a long time to load and gives me the same streaming issues as the Roku TV but with a different error message since it's a Windows system and not an app

- WWE Network takes FOREVER to load... like several minutes of not loading to the point of frustration and shutting the window down.

- Netflix... takes a long long time to load once I select a video, but once it starts it's ok.


The VSD has already been disabled in the settings.  Any ideas?