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I had contractors siding my house and they accidently moved my dish, this was on JUNE 25 and i have tried to get HUGHES out there to realign my dish. I have had 4 appointments and they have NEVER shown up! I finally paid a local company that handles Hughes to go out and realign it for me, it took him all of 10 minutes to do this simple job. He informed me that i am on gen 5 internet and am locked onto ECHOSTAR 19 satellite , he explained that my service would be much faster if i could get HUGHES to come out and locate me onto ECHOSTAR 17. is it possible to get any service or help on this?

My experience has been HORRible dealing with your company and i am VERY frustrated so i would like this to happen without having to make a ton of wasted phone calls , having to take time off of work to sit there and no one show up! HELP PLEASE!!!!!


Um, E19 is the newer of the two satellites and E17 and E19 are giving out about the same speeds in most areas.. Why would you want to go back to E17?

i want to go back because the technician i had to pay out of my pocket (that owns his own satelite install and distribution company ) said that E17 is proven to have slower software and that E17 still has the better software.

I am just trying to get faster internet and i will be going to a different company as soon as my contract is up due to the customer service i have recieved from this whole ordeal. It is ridiculous i had to go outsource getting help with just getting internet back and cannot get any support from the company i signed up with.

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The reps here may check your account and system remotely, and if they deem there's a problem they will send someone, but if it looks good from their side, they may require you to run speed tests on your side to troubleshoot and diagnose if anything is wrong.  They will not switch you to a different satellite just because you ask. 

Well if a tech that owns his own install and distribution company for HUGHES net tells me that the E17 has better software , i would tend to believe him especially since he is the ONLY one that would give me any support to get my internet back. It is a bad thing that i had outsource getting help instead of getting help from the company i signed up with.


I'm sorry. He mis spoke.  I am a installer for Hughesnet. I have been for over 7 years. I agree. You shouldn't have had to out source to get your system fixed.. One of the mods on here should be able to help you with that.  But E17 has no better software then E19..  E19 is the newer of the two satellites..  I can pick and choice which satellite I want to install on based on Line of Sight.. They are booth good satellite and in most cases and areas. They are giving above advertised speeds..


Hello Jemini,  Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear about your issues with the repair technician having to reschedule the appointments. I am very glad to hear you were able to get your satellite dish repointed and the internet service back online. I am not certain as to why the technician would have told you that you needed to be repointed to the EchoStar 17 satellite. EchoStar 17, though originally launched for our Gen4 service back in 2012, utilizes the same technology as the satellite you are on now! If you have further questions please message me back, and I will be glad to assist you!