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I have a few requests for HughesNet.


Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Good morning Kim,

I think Gwalk summed it up best; we'll keep this thread open for you to work with our community in figuring out what on your network is using your data without your knowledge.

Good luck to you, I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Liz, My immediate question is... When this huge data amount occurs again, what do I do? I already tried contacting HN the day it happened? I need to troubleshoot what to do when it happens again. I figure it is bound to happen, since I am only 6mos in to my 2 year contract

Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

The hope is to prevent such kinds of data usage happening in the first place, which is why we suggest using GlassWire to help you monitor what exactly is using your data, since we cannot make that distinction on our end. We can just see that data has been used.

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Hi Kim,

I hope all is going well this morning ?

In your last post you posed several questions. Let me try to answer them:

" I already tried contacting HN the day it happened?"

You would have been asked to run a modem isolation test to determine if the Hughes modem was using data on its own.

That having been done along with Amanda's suggestion to post here in the Community suggests that Hughes has determined that the usage is by SOMETHING  on your network and for a multitude of reasons can not dig deeper into your "network".

The "normal" process at this point would be to alert you to get "professional services"

Hughes has done referrals HTS (Home Technical  Services), a third party paid service that for a fee or a annual subscription will remote into your system.  Personally, No Thanks

Second option ..... That place that shall remain unnamed but is known to employee Geeks. No No No Thanks.

Third option: Take everything in your network to a known well respected local computer shop. Always an option of course but those types of places also vary in their skill levels and have zero understanding of just how important every tiny setting is while running on a high latency data capped service.

That leaves a fourth option and that is working with those members of the Community.

"My immediate question is... When this huge data amount occurs again, what do I do?"

Hopefully when that occurs we will have things in place to answer: Who, What, When and Where .. and then take steps to control or eliminate the culprit(s) as the situation calls for.

" I need to troubleshoot what to do when it happens again"

We need to start off with some Divide & Conquer

We need to understand a couple of  changes in the landscape regarding operating systems

We need to understand some Network basics so as to reduce our "usage exposure"

We need to keep and open mind and consider all devices and all software as "guilty until proven innocent".


Of the computer: What are the Operating Systems ?

Of the computer: What Anti-Virus programs do you have installed ?

Of the computer: What Anti-Malware software do you have installed ?

Of the computer: What browser do you normally use ?

Your Router: Can you post the Brand, Model and Version so that I may download the manual for it ?

Your Plan: Can you confirm that you have the 50/50 Ultra plan ?

Your usage consists of two parts, Download and Upload. Can you post a screenshot of your usage history so that I can compare ratios of upload to download ? (and yes, that is a loaded question.)

This is pointing the cart before the horse but at the center of every Network is .... a Router. There can't be a Network without one.

Are you able too, have you given any consideration too, buying a Router that will track usage by device ID ?

The laptop that you referred too, it that the HP PC you listed or is that in addition to that machine ?

Can you/have you installed Glasswire on all computers ?

Do you feel comfortable in setting and using GlassWire ? If not or if you need some tips see all of my responses to Yorkytown in this topic:

I mentioned at the beginning we need to institute Divide & Conquer and that means that at the start we need to remove your router from the equation for a short period of time.

I know that that is a painful disruption and it want you to understand why this is needed.

It won't last long but it is essential.

A router really complicates finding data leaks because it opens up soooo many potential connection avenues.

Lets look a block diagram of a router to help visualize these avenues:

The first area has to do with the "internals" of the Router itself:

Its firmware

Its "access" security settings

Its enabled "features"

The point is the Router itself can use data ... without you being aware.

The second area is related to the Routers wired LAN ports and multiplied by the number of wired devices connected.

The third area is the Routers wireless connection channels and settings.

In the whole, having a Router connected at the start really complicates things to no end.

Therefore it is essential that it be disconnected at the beginning of our troubleshooting. It will, be reintroduced soon and its functions re-enabled in stages as we go through each of its functional areas.

Our first step is to directly connect a single computer that has GlassWire installed and see what programs and processes are connecting and using data.

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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Hey GWALK, thanks, yes, everything is so far so good...
As for your post, I kind of laugh, I have only been asked to do maybe 1/3 of these things? I have done everything up until your specific questions. I will get the answers to those when I am hopefully tomorrow.

As for the tech advise and scanning my computer. Yes, their home tech service actually did get on remotely and check, they found nothing. (Hughes did pay for it). My personal tech, then came on, behind them, and checked again for any malware, viruses, etc...nothing found.

And in all honesty, the first time I called Hughes net was basically a chewing out by a tech named Martin, who accused my husband of downloading porn and continuously berating me ... Apparently, he is a "mysterious" tech.. Nobody knows WHO he is... However, he called me after I sent an email, Iand received a reply from a Victoria Miller With The caseID number is 55228658 . I gave all of this info to Amanda.

As for your specific questions, when I get home, I will be able to answer all and or perform all. In regards to GLASSWIRE, I was told by the Hughes net tech service and by my personal tech, that they did not like the looks of it. However, I will gladly read the site you posted. One thing Hughes net will not be able to argue, I am compliant, I will jump thru any hoop you ask of me, but in return, all I expect is the same from them.

Thanks so much, Kim
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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Hi KIm,

I as a fellow subscriber I can't address in any way the treatment you received from phone support. There are various support tiers of course.

I can only say that my only contact with phone support was not very satisfactory but in the end was satisfactorily settled by ECC.

At that point I vowed to learn as much about my system as I could so as to be less dependent them for support.

We each are the product of our own education and life experiences. I have been a Hughes subscriber for just over 12 years. I build and repair computers and at age 68 have been a lifelong electronics hobbyist.

From the looks of things you are having an issue outside of the Hughes service/support environment.

Looking forward to your next reply.


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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.


Good luck over the next few days.  I hope everything turns out well.  I know that having an auto immune disease can be a real challenge and the people around you can sometimes be the best treatment.  I hope your family and friends do that for you. 

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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Kim asked me to post.

Hello, this is Tom, Kim's husband. She is not doing very well and will most likely not be on for some time to come. She went in for a simple procedure and things did not go well. She is in a lot of pain and will remain hospitalized. Right now, I am currently going to try and travel back and forth to the hospital (2 hours one way) and will not have time for data problems. . hopefully with all of Kim's diligence and work up until now we will not have any issues. she is so stressed and worried that the data problem is going to happen while she is away from the house and I can't seem to re assure her. She is really sick, and I am trying to keep her calm.

She wanted me to thank everyone who is helping her and that when she come back she will go back to work on the problem. In the meantime, I hop that the issue doesn't happen again, if it does, I Will disconnect the Internet and to turn off the modem and pay the monthly fee, until the contract expires. I want to avoid that if possible, but we have a pet sitter coming to stay indefinitely. I heard kim giving her strict instructions on how to check the data and how to not use up data. The sitter is old like me, so I am not very worried.

Tom Byrne
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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

I join others in wishing lab-lover a speedy recovery.  The picture of Annie is perfect representation of the intelligence and determination of labs.  The only kind of dog I've ever owned is a lab! Wonderful breed.
In several of lab-lover notes, she mentions monitoring downloads and keeping track of usage.  The large data spikes in usage are similar to mine and what others have reported.    I would suggest Hughes technical keep logs on a specific customer so that they can compare and diagnose if the massive data usage reoccurs.   It is possible the random download "spikes"  could be what is called an "infinite loop" in computer lingo.  I've read many comments from customers mentioning downloads taking a long time for small files.     Just a thought, but sometimes technology appears to be working fine when actually random computer errors cause a hard to find error.   I spent 35 years in the computer industry, many as a computer programmer and later in my career a manager of server hosting for websites. When a combination of certain conditions align, random errors can occur.  I'm not saying this to further muddy the waters, But if Hughes could capture and keep logs for a specific customer to help catch the error, it might solve a lot of folks problems. 
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Re: I have a few requests for HughesNet.

Hello Rich,

The points you made are well taken however the problem is this:

What business is Hughes in ?

If they were in the business of computer repair/support your suggestion would make perfect sense.

They are however an ISP and that dictates that they look to see that service is being supplied at nominal service levels and is available to the user at the Modems LAN port. In regards to data usage it then becomes a question of "is it (the cause) rooted in the "Hughes Loop" of Modem>ODU>Satellite>Gateway or is it something on the subscribers end ?

Remote diagnostics are ran to look at all Hughes related parameters including poor aim or failing TRIA to rule out wasted data due to re-transmission errors.

The Modem logs are scrutinized for firmware update/fallback loops among other things.

At some point all the Hughes "loop" equipment is either repaired/replaced if found to be an issue.

Beyond that we have to conclude that the usage is being consumed by something on the subscribers network.

Hughes can only provide token support and direction here. Hughes cannot provide detailed "Networking" education to every customer. Hughes  can not provide detailed support for every model and version of every computer ever built ... HP, Acer, Sony and home built each with an endless mix of software published by how many software developers ?

Hughes is an ISP, not a computer and network repair organization.

There has to be limits to the scope of their responsibility.