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I’m at a loss here...


Re: I’m at a loss here...

And honestly i wouldnt ignore mls comment because even tho youll have 400 termination fee itll be cheaper than paying for something your not getting for a year then leaving and still getting termination its cheaper to get out early even with termination fee ive had the same issue of high latency for right at 7 months still get the same result and Einstein considers that to be the definition of insanity and i feel it
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Re: I’m at a loss here...

I was provided 20 days last april when i signed up this was what i was told and know it to be true because that was as long as my service was good for lol

You know what to be true?  


When your service starts you are in a 20 day relaxed bandwidth period, which means your data is refilled on a regular basis during that time.  Is this what you are referring to?  


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Re: I’m at a loss here...

So for anyone that’s interested: after finally hearing back from the engineering dept, the answer was 2 fold, my upload speed was horribly slow(400kbps) because they were having problems in my area, and told me that they had no timeline on when it could be resolved.. and I couldn’t play any of the games I did with dishnet because Hughesnet latency/ping is so slow.. even though I was told by the salesperson that Hughesnet would out perform my old satellite ISP in every way.. the only silver lining in all this is it does look like they will allow me to end my contract w/o an early termination fee.. I am going to call the salesman I spoke to and inform him he’s lying to people for a sale.. so I guess this whole mess is on him..