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I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

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I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

Being a captive here for a few months now, I am beginning to see the pattern of the so called meter. At the beginning of the monthly cycle I can search the web like a madman. Facebook / google searches / animal porn (jk) and the meter won’t budge for two weeks. I spent hours playing a game on Facebook and the meter didn’t budge.Then you hit the midpoint of the month and it might go down 10 points. But I guarantee once you are within 12 days window of the end of your monthly allotment, that meter will start tanking. You even look at one page and there goes 2% on the meter. I’ve lost 20% in three days and I bet within the last day of the cycle, I will be on zero so I will be coaxed into a purchase of a token. But that purchase ain’t gonna happen.

Also the constant needing of ‘’nudging’’ to get the dang thing to work in the first place is ridiculous. If the genius that created this satellite internet, couldn’t figure out how to get it right before launching it, then he shouldn’t be charging a premium for a service that isn’t up to standards. 


Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter


Thanks for your post. We were able to locate your account successfully and would love to help you here regarding your unidentified data usage. There are many factors to consider while trying to narrow down what is draining data that you might not be aware of. 

First, let's make sure your running our latest Status meter, as it was recently updated:

Second, we have a great post on data drain that lists the common and uncommon sources, which is a great start to verify if these components are the cause.

You can find the post here:

If you still feel there is a issue with unidentified data drain, let us know so we can proceed further with troubleshooting. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

- Warren
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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

Hey Thomas

I agree the Meter is junk the best way to check data and usage is by typing into your browser address bar this comes right off the modem.
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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

The most accurate of the meters is this one:

I can be found by logging in here:

It is the source of the data being fed to the SCC and Download Status meters.

Using percentages just plain doesn't work to track a loss , it is subject to "roll over errors"

I have for example a 50 GB Anytime allowance .... that is 50,000 MB's !

1% of that is 500 MB's, I could have a massive data leak and it wouldn't be noticed for a long time.

The above meter will allow you to track usage at the MB level.

There are THREE usage meter "tools":

The "At A Glance" meter listed above

The one on the SCC main page

The Download Status meter utility

Use the best "Tool" for your purpose at the moment .... they all have their uses.

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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

Well you see I’m a simple guy. I try using simple logic to issues. Like for instance if a company that sells you a service can make you use up your account with them in simple tasks that you necessarily wouldn’t think of. For instance being a simple guy I would think running a video on a page here would use some data. Knowing that running a youtube video cleans out that data rather quickly. Been there, I learned that lesson. So if I leave my crappy Hughes Email account open (because I prefer not to miss any important emails) I then notice that every now and then a worthless video advertisement starts running on that email page. Simple thinking is that worthless video that Hughes is making money off of is actually double screwing me over by taking my data usage, right? Might not be a lot but just a way for that meter to spin in Hughes direction.

I really don’t think there is a ‘’usage meter’’ running. I think it is a ‘’time clock’’ that gets itself to a point to then force the consumer into an added purchase to keep the service active. Is there an FCC or some other government entity that watches over things like this?

I lost 3% overnight last night with the computer off and I live out in the sticks, so I’m positive the cows didn’t hack into my computer to look at milking porn. I’ll wager it gets to zero the day before my cycle ends. 

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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

It is simple really:

You have a system with Data Caps

When you have a computer(s) or other device connected they will use Data.

Programs that you have open will use data.

Processes that you don't see (because they are PROCESSES not programs) will use data in the background .... unseen.

Virus, malware, keyloggers and other "bad boys" will use data at a terrific rate.

So, the question is.... have connected a single computer directly to the modem, no router, so that the computer is the only device that can possibly connect, and then install a program like Netguard to check what IT counts versus what Hughes counts ?

Have you checked what time period Hughes claims you are using data by looking at this display ?


Have you looked for example at the ratio of your uploads to downloads ?.

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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

The best thing for email if you want to keep it running all the time is use POP or SMTP through Outlook or Thunderbird and set it to block online content.  That way if you want to see the online stuff all you need do is click allow.  I use Thunderbird it is a free download and open source.
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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

I was always of the opinion the "web mail" was best used by mobile devices.

Desktops/laptops should access e-mail through a email client program (I too use Thunderbird) as it allows more control and better privacy (if such a concept can be applied to email).

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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

Yea and if you block online content it will save tremendous amounts of Data due to not opening pictures flash and all those other evil things (just joking) and it will ask if you want to view content.  That way it puts the control in your hands. 
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Re: I'm calling 'BS' on your meter

Browser extensions to block ads, scripts and auto-run videos are essential on a metered connection.

In the past I always would check CNN.COM for a quick "news fix". Then they start to load things up with an excess of crap and auto-load videos.

Adding NoScript and AdBlock Plus took care of it.

The Internet has changed drastically from what it was even just a year ago in relation to how it effects those of us on metered conneections.

Then there is of course the need to "tame" your browsers so they stop wasting data calling home with "reports", again something done in the background .. but it uses data none the less.

Let us not also forget that Win8/8.1 treats wireless connection differently than the same machine connected to the modem directly or thru a router but thru one of its wired LAN ports.