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I need to cancel service and have my ETF waived

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I need to cancel service and have my ETF waived

I got service a couple weeks ago. When we bought service we told them we needed the fastest internet that can handle a house with 4 kinds and online streaming. Since we had the service we have not be able to do anything. We have to literally buy dvds bc the internet is worthless. On the website it clearly says latency isn’t an issue and that hugesnet is just as good as cable providers. Total lie. I’ve called several times. Managed to talk to someone three times. First time spent over an hour talking to a guy trying to fix my low internet speeds. He isn’t able to fix it. Says engineering will call me In three days. Call number 2 I asked if there was a way to increase latency. So I can plan Xbox live or watch a TV I bought online. He says there’s nothing he can do. Next call I try to cancel. I was informed we can’t cancel bc we’re waiting on the engineers to call me on the 7th. I told them I was supposed to be called 2 days. She said I was. Which a lie. I have had no calls from anyone. I tell her I don’t want to wait for engineering I want to cancel now before I go past 30 days. She say it will be $400. I’ve spent literally close to 8 total hours in the last week trying to either talk to customer service. I don’t get the service that’s advertised. I can’t online game. I can’t stream tv shows. I’ve wasted a significant amount of my time that I should have been spending with my family. I want to cancel my service. I want my ETF waived. And I want a refund for everything I’ve been billed for so far.
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If you feel that you were misled by the sales rep, you can request a sales call review.  Depending on what's found in that review, you may have recourse concerning the Early Termination Fee when cancelling the service.  To request a sales call review, please start a new topic in the "myAccount and Billing" section, which you can do here.  The reps here are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST.  They will be the ones to respond regarding the review.

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