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I read all the post saying "it's eating up my Data" and I am not doing anything ...

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I read all the post saying "it's eating up my Data" and I am not doing anything ...

Man come on WAKE UP!! you have WIFI and the Neighbors are steeling your internet
use  a password  !!!

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jenbeth5, that could be one reason but the majority of the time people have programs/apps doing things in the background they aren't aware of. Then there is virus and malware that will also do it.
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How about nothing connected and still using data. Fit turned from on phones aaa , oh by the way........ No neighbors. If I had neighbors, I'd have time warner! Lol
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@kaverette wrote:
How about nothing connected and still using data. Fit turned from on phones aaa , oh by the way........ No neighbors. If I had neighbors, I'd have time warner! Lol

Having neighbors doesn't mean cable internet is available.

I go crazy searching devices to make sure wi-fi is off and still data keeps disappearing. I too am a former TWC subscriber and unlimited data spoiled me. It's like stepping back into time and putting up with driving down a rutted, gravel road instead of driving on a smooth multi lane highway. 10GB of anytime data quickly vanishes while 50GB of data just for 2-8 AM just sits
there. I didn't know that 10GB would get used so fast. I would jump at an extra 10GB any time minutes for $20 but not for $60 that was offered to us.

I couldn't imagine going from unlimted to 10GB/month 😮 

I think you may have mis-read.  The $50 for 20GB/month is only for a year.  Then it goes up to $70 ( for me)  They offered it to you for $60?


you could try running a anti virus scan I use Malwarebytes

Hi jenbeth5

That's a pretty good example of a way someone's data could "disappear" - what is unfortunate is it is one of many. Today we have to be careful, like BirdDog mentions. My recommendation to those having this problem is to do our usage test to determine what is going on.
Thank you

I'd REALLY like to know what this means..."Fit turned from on phones aaa"  Smiley Surprised


I can tell you what MY culprit was to eating up tons of data.  CHROMECAST!  I had two of them that stayed inserted into the side of my tvs.  It took me months to figure out what was chewing up data.  Chromecast uses like 7-15MB/HOUR even if the tv is off.  It's downloading/refreshing the screen savers and I don't know what else.  And I had two of them.  Course the data was "free" during the Bonus hours so that didn't count against my allowance.  In case anyone might be experiencing this particular issue...!topic/chromecast/t35bIg8f09k

I agree completely. When we switched to Hughesnet, we couldn't figure out where our data was going. Finally, I started watching the network for EVERYTHING and the main user was Chromecast. We just unplugged it and our data usage dropped immediately. We rarely use it at all, anymore. There was a way to stop it from displaying the screensavers, but no way to stop it from downloading them (and whatever else it was d/l'ing). At the rates I saw, it was downloading over 10 GB per month.

I know the Chromecast along with Roku devices use a lot of data.  As well as any other streaming devices (AppleTV, Smart TVs ect).  I am glad my router firmware has a usage quota feature.  I have my Chromecast and Roku device Quota limits set to 10 MB per month  they use that up in seconds before being cut off completely from internet usage. 

What router are you using? We have the HT2000W modem/router. But, I'm thinking about switching to something like DD-WRT or similar, so I can have a lot more control. I like the idea of limiting the usage of Chromecast to 10mb/month. Does it still function properly?

The router that I use is a WD router which I installed Gargoyle Router firmware it works great to monitor all devices on my network.   I tried DD-WRT but It either didn’t work on my router or they don’t have a Quota limit feature  - I forget which. 


The Chromecast I don’t really use anymore.  I mostly used it to play Movies which I had saved on my computer hard drive.  The Chromecast still required an active internet connection to be used to play the Movies from my hard drive.  There might be other programs that can stream them without an internet connection but the main program I found that worked best needed it.   I have since bought a Roku Stick which does not need internet to play the Movies from hard drive.  I have a mini DLNA set up which can be accessed with the Roku. 


My neighbors all have 4 legs and eat grass.  I don't think they've evolved enough yet to steal my wifi 😉

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