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I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

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I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

SNAIL SERVICE OVER HERE (from 1-3, sometimes 4 Mbps)....I've been advised to seek help here. 

Here's a tid bit of background information regarding my issue(s):

14 Feb 2016: first call regarding slow speed after re-install at primary address. Ref #: 52598076. The "case" was not actually escalated as the rep assured me it would be, which I discovered when I called for a status update: 

-call completed by Abigail on 17 Feb 2016: 
Call ended on what seemed to be a positive note (Hughes Net is discounting our bill $20 a month for the next 6 months and paying for their "Home Tech Support")...

# to home tech department: 877-833-1775

Ref #: 52657081 (for complimentary service). Home tech department escalated case back to Hughes Net after running various troubleshooting tests that indicated that my problem is rooted from Hughes Net itself, not my equipment. 

21Feb2016: Ref #: 52712670
After being on phone for over an hour and 10 minutes Hughes net tech escalated the case, again. 

27Feb2016Ref #: 52811415
Supervisor emailed department about "prioritizing" case for sooner callback. No such callback has been made, apparently they plan to call me tomorrow (in which I will be unavailable). 

It's ludicrous for me to have to invest so much time trying to get what I've been paying for and for Hughes net to impose a $400 (or more?) early termination fee after throwing me in this insane loop with no resolution. Having to go to the library (30 minutes away) is crazy; I have a toddler, full-time job and full-time course load. I hardly have time to communicate with my closest friends and family. I would have rather passed on seeking support from this online community with my snail service over here, but I'm desperate for some sort of fix! Please don’t dare to have me spend another hour running speed tests and messing with my PC settings all over again – a tech needs to come out or the ETF should be waived!  

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Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.


Welcome to the Hughesnet Community!

When doing speed tests, you have had your computer connected directly to the Hughesnet Modem with out any router in between, correct?

Have you been running your speedtests at the Hughesnet Speedtest website, or at

Could you get a small sample of tests from and post a link to your account here for it to be reviewed?

If using, remember you must do a manual download test and select the 12MB test option.
You should try to do three sets of 3 tests, 1 set of 3 in the morning, another mid-day, and another in the evening.  Each individual test should be done 10 minutes apart.

Follow the below URL to a guide I made on how to use, and how to create an account so that the Hughesnet Reps, and Engineers can easily access your test records.

Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

Hi Brittani,
I saw where you posted  "Please don’t dare to have me spend another hour running speed tests" so,
in your System Control Center are the blocks next to System Status and System Information green?
When you click on System Status, what is your Satellite Receive Strength? (under WAN Info)
This will tell us of your dish alignment and your system's status and an official Rep. after seeing your post will check on HN's end. 

Don  Smiley Happy

Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

Hi Brittani,

Thanks for posting with your case numbers so we could locate your account. I do see that you have been in contact with our technical support department due to your slow speeds. Although you mentioned that you will not be available when they call you today, they will continue to call you until you are able to be reached. I highly suggest giving them a shot to take care of this for you. The speeds that are displayed in your case notes are relatively normal. Please understand that our speeds are not guaranteed and are advertised as "up to". Many factors can affect what you experience mainly the time of day that you are accessing the internet. Just for reference here is some of the speed test results from your troubleshooting sessions:

>as per cu the hts disabled the web acceleration and the internet was actually faster
>restart the modem
>let cu measure download and upload speed
>DL: 6.4Mbps
>DL: 6.7Mbps
>ave: 6.55Mbps
>UP: 707Kbps
>UP: 849Kbps
>ave: 778Kbps
>let cu bypass the router
>let cu measure download and upload speed
>DL: 18.3Mbps
>DL: 19Mbps
>ave: 18.65Mbps
>UP: 841Kbps
>UP: 714Kbps
>ave: 777.5Kbps
>(laptop)windows 10
>8GB RAM, 2.4ghz
>verify if the lan card is set to auto detect
>lan card is in auto detect
>let cu measure download and upload speed
>DL: 1.2Mbps
>DL: 880Kbps
>ave: 1040Mbps
>UP: 496Kbps
>UP: 757Kbps
>ave: 626.5Kbps
>589GB of 687GB(hard disk space)
>let cu restart the computer
>let cu measure download and upload speed
>DL: 2.6Mbps
>DL: 1.8Mbps
>ave: 2.2Mbps
>UP: 416Kbps
>UP: 639Kbps
>ave: 527.5Kbps
>enable safe mode
>let cu measure download and upload speed
>DL: 6.6Mbps
>DL: 7Mbps
>ave: 6.8Mbps
>UP: 626Kbps
>UP: 609Kbps
>ave: 617.5Kbps

- Chris
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Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

I've been told that there's a range of speeds that I should get by various Hughes Net reps. I'm not within it. It's insane for me to pay for internet that I can barely use! By the way, I still have not received a call back (which was scheduled for yesterday -- almost a week beyond my last follow-up and officially over 2 weeks since my initial complaint. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Attached is results from speed tests I did tonight...this is so ridiculous: 870 KBPS, 677 KBPS, 783 KBPS, 1.48 Mbps, 1.97 Mbps and then a whopping 2 Mbps. 
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Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

It's unacceptable for me to have to conduct these tests at all after a solid two weeks of reaching out for assistance on the issue. I'm over it. With my course load I can't tolerate internet that works when it feels it, like depending on various factors such as time of day and what color socks I'm wearing. I work from 0730 -- ?? 1630 or have class until 7pm or later on most week nights, therefore it's not even really feasible for me to conduct such tests throughout the day. 

Re: I thought Verizon was the worst, but now I miss them.

Hi Brittani,

To effectively test your satellite connection on you need to use 12 MB as the test size. Also these tests cannot be run all at the same time of the day. A range is necessary for us to get a better understanding of what you are experiencing. The difference between us here in the community is that we word directly with engineers who can work on your site if you are getting slow speeds. 

I'd love to help you here but to do that we'll need some of these specifics done to create a actionable case for you with our engineers. A few days worth of testing. With a batch of tests from throughout the day would be great to send up the chain. If you can do this please post all your results here. We hope to hear back from you soon.

- Chris