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I want out of my contract.

Assistant Professor

Re: I want out of my contract.

Charles S., true but still leads to bad feelings towards HughesNet. Amazing how many DTV users come here to complain about HughesNet sales tactics.
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Re: I want out of my contract.

yep and its not hughesnets fault but they sure take a beating for it
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Re: I want out of my contract.

I experienced the same thing. The sales rep asked what things I like to do on the computer, and I told her streaming and light gaming mostly. She told me that I should have plenty of data. I feel like most of their sales reps just have horrific training and have no idea what they are actually selling. They are probably just there for a paycheck. Now I'm stuck in a contract with a company that misrepresents its services and I don't have the money to terminate and find another provider. It is sickeningly sad.

The only reason I even went satellite is because my apartment complex doesn't understand the concept that I did not have a physical wiring system from my specific unit, to the panel that century link uses. I thought I couldn't be so severely disappointed with a provider beyond century link. I was so very wrong.