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Implanted medical devices

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Implanted medical devices

I have two medical devices implanted into my spinal cord. They both run off a Apple Ipod. If I don't have internet conectivity that is reliable, I suffer because of loss of internet. This is a medical emergency situation, yet I lose my internet connection on a hourly basis. This problem needs to be rectifyed, or multiple users of this cervice need to take legal action against HughesNet!!!

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Re: Implanted medical devices

Satellite internet is limited, and legal action won't change the limitations.  You may need to seek a different provider that is not affected by the limitations that impact satellite internet. 

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Re: Implanted medical devices



I wouldn't be relying on HughesNet for something like that.  Heavy cloud cover, rain and/or snow can kick you offline too, just like satellite TV, and unless you live in the middle of the desert I'd expect that to happen.    


HughesNet Subscriber Agreement - Section 1.1.  "Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed."


The reps may be able to help with the current issue, depending on what's causing it, but again, relying on HughesNet for something this important is not at all advisable.  There is no way HughesNet can guarantee uninterrupted service.

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Re: Implanted medical devices



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