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Initial Page Load times

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Initial Page Load times

I am happy with the service.  The speed is fine.  But time to do an initial page load is annoying.  I am looking for ideas.  Do I install an ad blocker?  Do I change DNS?  I can switch to something like DNS filter to stop ads if needed.  I just need to get things where they load more quickly if possible.  I also have an Exede account and do not notice this issue on it.

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Load times are noticeably slower on satellite Internet due to the latency. Would help to know how slow you're referring to.


Ad blocker does help and personally I use the public Google DNS servers which seem to work better than the HughesNet ones. Pages with a lot of graphics, video and third party feeds will load slower.


If you run this test it will show the delay between your site and the gateway serving you:!/home/connectivity

It does not account for delay once accessing sites through the Internet.


EDIT: Also have you tried other browsers to see if any different?

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Like BirdDog, I use Google's public DNS servers.  I also use uBlock Origin as an ad blocker.  The latter helps, not only with page load times, but more importantly, at least to me, with saving data.  


I use Chrome as a browser.  



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Thanks for your question, I hope our community's suggestions helped! I'll close this thread since we haven't had any activity on this in a while, but feel free to start a new conversation if you have additional questions!


Have a great weekend!


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