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Installed anniversary + other updates; surprised it didn't use more data

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Installed anniversary + other updates; surprised it didn't use more data

I was sleepless in Cheney the other night and thought, hey, why not put yourself to sleep by installing some MS updates on ye olde laptop? 😉 So I proceeded to do just that. Besides the big 1607 update, there were half a dozen other random ones just itching to be included in the fun.

I had barely used any bonus bytes, so I hoped things would go smoothly, but was prepared, data-wise, if not.

The whole thing took almost exactly four hours. Everything installed properly with no hiccups (sorry Farmer Hugh). I was awake the whole time and took a screen shot of my data usage just before I started the installation and just after it finished.

Just 553 MB used. Based on other stuff I've read, I was expecting it to be triple that.

Nevertheless, I'm still glad I've got my laptop on the "don't update over metered connection" setting so I can choose when and if I want to update. Although the 1607 is one big ole "take it or leave it," I could still choose which updates to install from the list, which at least gave me some (probably false, haha) sense of control over my own computer. 🙂

And a day before your allowance resets, what a deal 🙂

Be sure to check your software and hardware for more updates, some companies had to release 1607-specific patches after it was released! 


i was up again at 2 am this morning running this update again and again it  backed it out.  so glad yours went smoothy, wish mine would.  I've tried all the suggestions made and nothing worked. 
i'll admit i'm 72 years old and not computer smart. but feel Microsoft really has this screwed up.  it worked fine with all other updates prior.  Really feeling stupid and lost now.