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Installer no showed twice, doesn't return calls. Now claiming he came when he didn't. VERY ANGRY!

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Installer no showed twice, doesn't return calls. Now claiming he came when he didn't. VERY ANGRY!

This is a follow up to my previous thread


Installer (VSat) was supposed to arrive 5-4.  (I had said I wasn't given enough notice for the appointment and needed to change it, but I wasn't able to get hold of anyone to change it.  Turned out I was able to be home, so I never cancelled or changed the appointment.)


Installed did not show up. He called me at 8:50 PM, saying he was 45 minutes away.  I said that was too late and he needed to reschedule.  Installer said he would have the office call me the next day to reschedule.


No one called.


I called his office and left a message.  No one called me back.


I called the next day and left a message.  No one called me back.


I called HughesNet and they rescheduled the appointment for 5-10 between 11 AM and 2  PM. Again, apparently with VSat.


At 4:30 PM on 5-10, installer called and said he was 45 minutes out.  Installer no-showed again.


I called Huguesnet today at 9 AM.  They said they called the installer and the installer would call me. They never called.


I called Hughesnet again at 1 Pm.  They said they would call the installer and have the installer call me. They never called.


I called Hughesnet at 3 PM.  They said installer reported that installer came out to my house.  They never came out.  The installer appers to have lied.


Now HughesNet is attempting to reschedule YET AGAIN the install, this time for Friday, May 19.  Another whole week I have to wait.  They said the "distributor" (or whatever) will call me tomorrow to talk to me.  We'll see.......


So, at this time, I have horrible internet with a signal strength of 31.  Internet is mostly out with moments of barely any connectivity.


I had to wait two days at home for the installer to not show up. Plus it will be another day for them to eventually come out.  (If they bother to show up)


HughesNet is telling me again that the installer will call me back. Yeah, sure.


Look, there is an installer in town.  House of Music in Colville, WA.  Why can't I just deal with them? They are local, it's a small town so we don't screw each other over.  (Small town people don't do that.  Everyone is a neighbour or knows your neighbour.)  Why do I have to keep dealing with an installer who is such a flake?


I can't believe how much trouble HughesNet seems to be going through to make this harder than it needs to be.


So at this time, HughesNet has offered me $30 a month discount for three months.  This is an acceptable payment to me for the two days I had to wait at my house for the installer to no show.  They also just informed me they will make other "adjustments" to my bill, but did not specify what that entails.


Remember, it is not enough to be sorry when you've done something wrong. You must correct what you did.


Why are you subcontracting to this installer company when they provide such terrible service?

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You're right to be very upset about this; it's completely unacceptable.( ETA: I mean it is unacceptable behavior for a contractor, because a contractor represents the company and should not make the company look bad.)  I imagine the contractor may be very busy,  but returning customer calls promptly should be a priority for any business.   The guy who installed my Gen 5 came after 7 pm and had been out installing systems since before 6 am,so he was bleary-eyed and rough around the edges, but he called me several times to update me as to his whereabouts, and he showed up and did the job. 


I hope @Liz will be able to get this resolved for you right away. 


Hi lighthope,


As maratsade said, its totally understandable to expect reliability from us. I'm picking up the phone now to call the distributor for your area to see what we can do about getting this re-assigned or expedited. I do apologize for the frustration and appreciate you giving us a chance to correct this.


Thank you


Hello lighthope,


So I just got off the line with the distributor. They've reached out to another dealer in the area to see if they can take the order. A corporate rep here will be alerted if there is a response and if anything, our installs department here in the corporate office will also be alerted. I expect if the dealer is changed, you will also get a call too. I will, as usual, be on call this weekend  so I will be checking up on the situation. I'll get back to you here if there is anything before the end of the day.


Thank you,






We did not receive any notification from the distributor, but I see there was some updates on your service order. It appears that your system is still not functioning on my end. Did anyone reach out to you this weekend?


Thank you