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Intermittant loss of service


Re: Intermittant loss of service

Whatever the problem, no fix.  My modem still requires one or more resets per day.   Going on a month now...


Not only that but performance is truly poor, even considering an increase in system load.  After observing particularly poor performance (12 PM EST, 4-21-20)  ran a testmy 25 MB download check.   

The test indicated 145 Mbps when ir finally finished - BUT DUE TO THE POOR THROUGHPUT, THE 25MB DOWNLOAD TEST TOOK 27 MINUTES TO COMPLETE.   Don't know what the data rate was when it was actually sending data, but the long periods of inactivity resulted in this unbelievably poor performance.  This is totally unacceptable.  Hnet needs to actually fix their system, not just say for weeks that "engineering is working on it".

Please get it fixed!