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Intermittant service. Need help

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Intermittant service. Need help

My mom is having trouble with her service. She's called and tried to get some help but she's not tech savvy and the reps are not taking that into consideration in communicating with her. Service is sporadic at best and has been for 3 days now. She's taken her LAN out of her router and plugged it directly into laptop. Still no service. Rep is telling her it's her router but is there some other way to check to make sure before she goes out to buy a new one? It is sporadic service throughout the day. In not living with her but trying to assist her from afar. TIA for any suggestions!
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It's me again 😛

Now that your over on the right forum..I'll tag @Amanda


Please keep in mind that she is just one of two moderators and actual Hughesnet 'corporate level' employees so it may take a day or so for her to reply back to you...but if you give her some time to work her magic, I have no doubts she will get your mom fixed up.

Thank you for your help and for your time!


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Thanks for the bump, I was able to see this post at the top of my notifications. @elholzman - do you have your mom's account information? Just her phone number would work. If so, please send that to me in a private message, I will be able to locate her and run diagnostics. 



Hi Amanda, I just sent you the info you asked for. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!