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Intermittent connection speed after adding voice service and connecting ATA.

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Intermittent connection speed after adding voice service and connecting ATA.

After adding the voice service to my Hughesnet services I am experiencing intermittent speed issues.  My internet service works 100% correctly when the Voice ATA device is not connected.  My modem is the HT1100 and my wireless router is a D-Link DIR-619L.  Has anyone else experienced a similar issue after connecting voice services to their modem/router?  Just curious as to whether is may be a router setting I need to change.
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Probably the place to start is with a CAREFUL review of how the various devices are connected.

It is easy to get WAN ports and LAN ports and Phone 1 and Phone 2 connections mixed up

here is one diagram:

(click on picture for larger image)

But I would encourage you to get the entire PDF and look at the progressive pictures and validate each connection and port as you go.

That can be found here:

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The main issue I see with the ATA is when its all connected it takes a few minutes before it gives the router the current IP address and my Dlink DIR-655 gets upset for a few minutes but it does eventually straighten out but it has to be hooked up like Gwalk900 posted or it wont work

Check to be sure you don't have collisions on the router uplink port to the ATA. You might need to lock the port to 100/full in the router. If you check the status of the uplink port and it indicates anything other than 100/full while connected to the ATA, there's your problem! Some devices (NICs, Routers, etc) seem to have trouble with a 100/full connection in auto mode. They often want to revert to half duplex. I ran into this with the Cisco ATA and another router several months ago. The router I had also had the problem with the HT1100. And....It didn't allow me to lock me to manually lock the uplink port to 100/full. I had to replace it. Once I did, speeds went to nearly 30mbps down most of the time. It slows a bit in the evenings, especially Saturdays. But overall, I'm perfectly happy.

Good morning longj86,

Gwalk900 has given you a great starting point. Can you double check to make sure your network is put together like in that picture? Hope this solves the problem!

Thank you,
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