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Intermittent connectivity, 12.1.9 and many other state codes :-(

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Intermittent connectivity, 12.1.9 and many other state codes :-(

For three weeks, we've had random drops in connectivity - ranging from all good to NO connectivity.  Most common state code is 12.1.9, but also have received 12.7.2 or 21.2.1 or 12.2.2.  At one time saw a diagnostic code of a bunch of zeroes followed by 49.  Sometimes restarting the modem helps, but not always, and only for a short time, even in perfect weather.

Our dish is mounted on our roof.  We had a big snowfall just before this happened, and at first I thought that snow sliding off the roof may have bumped the dish enough to have it off-target.  But not sure considering the above diagnostics?


Hi there Mommabird!


It looks like over the past few months the antenna has steadily gone out of alignment, or the line of sight has degraded. I see from the last visit that the line of sight is adequate but I can see how some growth on the tree would impact the service. Generally, leaf or plant growth shows itself by a declining signal over time - exactly what I see on my end. I can send a technician out, but in the next year or so it may happen again. I recommend having the tree trimmed.. or the way my mother used to do it - a rope hugging the branch(es) and tilting them away 🙂


The site visit will be free of charge and someone will contact you to confirm the visit date and time.




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Thank you!  I will wait to hear from someone!

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