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Internet Disconnecting Randomly

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Internet Disconnecting Randomly

I've sent two emails about this. One email gave me a stereotypical "It's Fair Access Policy, I gave you more data, it should be fixed." The second email has no response yet. I am in FAP. Normally, my connection is. This is NOT the issue. The speed isn't the issue - it's the disconnections. The connection will randomly drop, nothing loading, and when troubleshooted, I will get something about being unable to connect to the DNS server. This is a NEW issue. It is not my computer - it happens across multiple computers (and no, they are not connected at the same time, nor is my phone or tablet!)

This is occurring when I have full data, right at reset with the same amounts of disconnects, when I was given extra data last night (same amount of disconnects), and during the extra data time (ditto), which I have data. It will randomly stop loading any webpage - even ones with just plain text - and time out multiple times in an hour, probably five times, for 2-5 minutes each time. I cannot email. I cannot do anything.

This is a new issue - I've had this service two years almost (and many years before this time) and this has NEVER happened until the last month or so and has been gradually getting worse.

I don't know how to find what beam I'm using or anything like that. I just want my internet to work. I'm paying too much money for this and can't even use it, and I have online classes and they're impossible to do because of this. Thank you guys so much.




After further troubleshooting, I was unable to find any issues with the equipment or signal. I did, however, reset a few things on the modem side. Please let me know if you see any improvements over the next day or so. If there is still no improvement, we will need to have a case escalated to our advanced technical support. 



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