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Internet Phone Question

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Internet Phone Question

I really don't understand most tech stuff at all, so I hope no one thinks this is a stupid question.I own a small business and am considering dropping my landline and switching to one of the voip providers.  My question is how much bandwidth does using the phone use? 
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Re: Internet Phone Question

For your business, is that using Satellite or a a standard wired isp? 

If you are using satellite a standard Voip system will not work perfectly due to latency. Which is where Hughesnet Voice would be useful as it is designed for satellite systems.

The amount really varies on the codec used.

I hope this is a little useful.

As Bill Said, Using Hughesnet Voice Does Not Count Against Your Data Usage. Only if your VOIP provider is not hughes will it cost you data.

Re: Internet Phone Question

Hi filterlady,

If you set up with HughesNet Voice service the calls do not count against your data. Please be aware there are limitations (no fax) and HughesNet voice is the best option as it is optimized to work with satellite internet latency.

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Re: Internet Phone Question

Also should not be relied upon as sole service for emergency calls.