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Internet and Phone Randomly Dropping Every Several Minutes

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Internet and Phone Randomly Dropping Every Several Minutes

I have been having an issue in the evenings with my internet losing connection along with my phone service.  The connection test to the satelites is fine and the lights on the front of the modem for transmit and recieve are flashing normally and my WIFI still connects, just no connection to the internet.  This will happen randomly, work for 10-20mins then drop for 5-10mins then come back for an hour, then drop again for 15min then come back.  Every device on my network is affected.  I am not home during the day so I cannot tell if it happens all the time.  My phone service is also affected.  When the internet is working the phone calls are very garbled and nothing works when the internet is down.  This has been going on for several weeks now.  It happens with clear skies and a clean dish.  Everything seems connected fine, just the internet drops, so I figure it has to be on Hughesnet's end.  What gives?  Are they doing some sort of maintenance in the evenings?

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Same here, wifi hooks up but no internet connection  at all... nothing works for me my internet  controls my t.v., i have a smart t.v., computer, printer and everything else... i just got mine hooked up Sunday the 7th, and my internet connection has not worked through hughs..... i hooked my old system back up from data vision, and it works.... greatful i didnt cancel them yet... wanted to see how hughs would work.... lol lol i see just fine

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LedgeWifi, the HughesNet reps on this site usually respond within 48 hours. 


PenLyn, if you would like your issues addressed, you will need to start a new thread under Tech Support. Go back to the main Tech Support page and click the blue button labeled "start a topic." Provide context and details of the situation so a rep can look into it. 

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UPDATE!  I caught something that might help.

Under System Status on the modem when this happens the IP Gateway Association State starts over and goes through a few states like Associating, Creating IPGV Pool, etc...  And the TCP Acceleration is Down.  Once the Association State comes back to "Associated" everything starts working again.  Internet connection comes back.  My wife was home all day today and she said it did it all day.  Internet up and down all day at random intervals and durations.  So what give Hughesnet?  Is this my modem problem or your hardware problem?

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You should edit the SAN out of your pictures.  This is your account number, which should never be posted in public.  You can edit your post by clicking on the three vertical dots to the upper right of the post.

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Hello @LedgeWIFI 


GabeU offers good advice.

You should keep some info  in the screenshot private. I USED THE BLACK PENI USED THE BLACK PEN



We see it's your first time posting. Welcome to the Community! As Gabe stated, it's best to make sure that your SAN is removed from public viewing, so I've gone ahead and taken down the screenshots for you. Please send a PM to this link, and we'll take a deeper dive into this!




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