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Internet down Gen 5 beam 55 Norcal

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Internet down Gen 5 beam 55 Norcal

I saw the notice that there is a service interruption, but I would like an ETA as to when the internet will be restored. Tried calling the 800 number several times but couldnt get through, I assume the techs are overwhelmed with calls.

Ugh, moving customers off the beam doesn't sound all that reassuring.

Im also in northern california. Had amazing internet speeds from april to september. Had multiple 1-2hr long calls with tech to fix slow speeds. Every time he was able to do something with the modem and it would be fast again....for a few hours!!! They sent a tech service guy to my house and he said everything is great here. He said the issue is on there end. This problem is still going on. We did not even use our internet last month because i am soooo tired of the long wait times and them telling me my "dish must have been moved". Instead we just use our phones 4g lte and hook it to the tv.
This is extreamly upsetting. I want to cancel and dont think i can get the fee i will make sure i tell everyine i know just much if a rip off hughesnet is to there customers.
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