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Internet is slower then a snail in molasses

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Re: Internet is better than ever these days

@tm125 wrote:

Question , does my PC need to be on when watching netflex on a TV , not on line just turned on, not thats it's a big deal to turn on .

I'm really pleased with the service . I never had it so good.

If your TV is a Smart TV with its own Netflix app and is connected to the Hughesnet modem through WiFi or LAN cable, then no, your computer doen't need to be on to watch Netflix on your TV.  It would only need to be on if you were using your computer for the Netflix and the TV as a monitor (like if you had an HDMI cable running from your computer to your TV and you were just using it as a big monitor).  

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Re: Internet is better than ever these days



Provided your computer isn't what's playing the Netflix content, and it's your TV or another device, then your computer doesn't need to be on for Netflix to operate.