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Invalid OpenID or Credentials

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Invalid OpenID or Credentials

Per suggestion from GabeU to post in this forum, I refer you to the original posting under General Discussion concerning a recurring problem with online account access pertaining to "Invalid OpenID or Credentials."  Hughesnet has yet to resolve this nagging issue and their suggested temporary fix does not work in all cases.

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Invalid OpenID or Credentials - I know this topic has been bantered about over the past several months. But I'm still having an issue with it. Has there been a solution found, that obviously I'm not aware of?
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Usually this is something the reps will have to help you with.  In order for them to do that you should post about this issue in the Tech Support section.  You can start a new post in the Tech Support section by clicking on the following link...


With this said, there is a temporary workaround, and though I usually don't address tech issues in the General Discussion section, I will since you're new here and probably not familiar with the Community.  🙂 


The following is a copy/paste from another thread, but it still applies...




But, there is a temporary workaround.  When you go to the MyAccount page (make sure to be signed out of it) and click the button to sign in, rather than actually signing in click on Register.  When you put your info in, like your SAN, which you can find at the top of the System Control Center (click the blue link), and your phone number, you can go through and create a new email and password.  With that new email and password you can sign into the MyAccount page and your info will be there.  You can still use your normal sign on to get in here, but when you need to sign on and see your info use the new email and password that you created.  I can't remember if you have to create a new name for this Community while you're going through the process of creating the new email, but it really doesn't matter as, again, you can continue to use your original sign on info for here, like you have been using. 


And, if you have an alternate browser, you might want to use that so you can avoid having to sign out of your new email and sign into your original one to get in here, and vice versa.  If you don't have an alternate browser it's no big deal, as you can just alternate between the new email sign on for the MyAccount site and your original email sign on for here.  Of course, you're free to use the other sign on and new Community name in here if you want, but it's best to just use the one you already created and have been using.  


Again, this is only a temporary workaround until they fix the issue for you, but at least you'll be able to see your stuff again in the meantime.  Of course, you can keep the second email if you want.  That's entirely up to you.  And I only say temporary in that once they get the site info fixed for your original sign on you'll probably want to go back to using that.  With that said, you can continue to use that sign on to see your info if you wish.  After they fixed the issue for me I signed in using my original info and deleted the new email I had created as I wouldn't use it for anything else.  That's just me.    


Hope this helps.  

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Thanks Gabe.  I did all you're suggesting over a month ago and in the process spent over six hours on the phone with Hughes Techs who for the most part were very courteous and wanting to be helpful; but alas, after creating a new login account twice and having even those result in "Invalid OpenID or Credentials" after only one successful login where I could access my you can guess, I got extremely frustrated and gave up.  There's a major account server problem on the Hughes side and it's frustrating they haven't been able to fix it by now, after these many months of folks pointing it out to them.  Obviously, they still haven't done anything to fix it.  So, I decided to join the community last night to see if anyone out there was aware of a fix that perhaps I didn't know about.  Thanks again.

Hi Stratoflyer,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. We've located your account and will be sending it to the appropriate team here, but I do have a couple of questions that I am sure they will ask. 


When did you first notice the OpenID errors? Since then, did the errors come and go?


Thank you,