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Iphone settings and bandwidth usage

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Re: Iphone settings and bandwidth usage

I was using the downloadable one (Hughes status meter)  Now that I know the one on customer support is realtime, I will use that more but it really takes a bit of luck to see crazy usage when not doing anything on the internet.   I happened to be 12 hours late narrowing it down to an iphone setting on my daughter's phone (who I allowed via my encrytion setup). I think it is the "wifi assist" setting  on the iPhone somehow used 6,2 GB in 12 hours.    I wouldn't be surprised if I'm barking up the wrong tree though.  I'll see what happens next month and try to catch what is going on.  

Re: Iphone settings and bandwidth usage

Hi Rich,

Yea those pesky mobile devices can get you good. We are definitely looking into finding solutions in notifying excessive usage in a more timely manner. It's something we've seen requested before. Hopefully we'll see something come soon.

- Chris