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Issues with connection

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Issues with connection

I have been have issues with my connection the past few days. Been having to do hard or soft restarts multiple times a day to connect to internet. It seams since Gen5 was released my service has gotten worse! I'd like a rep do run tests on my system to see if there is something that can be done.
Associate Professor

I don't know.  I attempt to browse simple websites which do not load, I immediately go and do a Problem Troubleshooting test which comes up no problems and I reset turbopage  sometimes that works and the pages will load.  If the website still don't load I do Hard or Soft Modem Restart and my I am able to load the sites.   If it's due to weather I don't really see resetting turbopage or restarting modem fixing the issue immediately!  

You're still on an HN9000...?  Have you tried disabling Turbo Page entirely for a little while to see if that helps any at all?

It has been a LONG time since I touched a 9000... 

No I have not tried disabling Turbopage.   I am not exactly sure how and what good it does, so I never tried.  Plus, when my system itself shows a Red Flag and says Turbopage is disabled on its own,  my connection is worse than normal, NOTHING LOADS!


Within the past 10-20 mins I was trying to load websites,  HughesNet Community being one of the sites.  NOTHING was loading.  I reset Turbopage, I went to and did a few Download speed tests,  and they all showed 4 - 8 Mbps.... Community website still would not load......   I had to do a SOFT RESTART on modem and it finally loaded!  


Below is screenshot of what I got when attempting to load the Community page, and a screenshot of my system control center taken after attempting to load the page..... as shown everything looks good!!



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I am also havine the same issue for the last month

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