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It's like and are both fighting over this area and I'm caught in the middle? yeah?

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It's like and are both fighting over this area and I'm caught in the middle? yeah?

I moved up here to Oroville, Ca. 95966 and there was no internet or cell phone service.. So I paid $61.xx/mo. to have install their Dish.. But the installers left with out helping me get my tv to work or To help me get my cell phones to work.. Been living here 2 months with no cell phone or tv.. just internet.. I took all my cell phones and put them in my safety deposit box at the bank, turned down their volume and left them their.. when I get to town.. I open my safety deposit box and read my messages.. The phones work fine in the city of oroville.. they just don't work at my house.. I was haggling for 3 hours with then .. that's when I lost my phone number at my house.. It's like and are both fighting over this area and I'm caught in the middle.. Can (erny2u) someone (at) help me? (aol) Yeah? Also.. the weekend I arrived.. a big storm snapped a 36" diameter tree which proceeded to land across the road, block my driveway, and pin the big ATT cable running down the street.. the Movement of Cable caused my wire to have too much sag.. it's like 8' above my driveway.. That's when PG&E came out with a boom to lift/cut the tree and release big black cable.. they put a new pole next to the pole and fixed the sag on the powerline to my house, but did not fix the sag to the Cable line coming to my house.. So now I can't park and RV.. However, this is not my main concern right now.. My main concern is that I feel like I'm being punished for leaving and Going to because my was working fine before I called about the Cable sag.. The first thing they asked me was: "who is providing you internet service".. Why do I feel like I'm caught in the middle of 2 businesses doing battle over new territory? The installer: Jeff Jameson.. When I went to town, I sent him a txt.. (how I miss sending txt) and he said he was in Sacramento, but could be here the next day.. However if My phones aren't working .. he may have come, but I was not able to accept his txt/call up here.. Which reminds me.. I have lost a whole lot of revenue because all my customers are not able to txt me and no one has time for e-mail anymore.. maybe I need a business act, but right now I'm living on bread aand water.. I broke down 2 times just trying to get here.. I got hurt & I have a rib.. that hurts when I breath or laugh.. LoL.. Spent 2 days on the road.. I'm just grateful to finally be stable again.. I went into town to fill one order which he still has not sent me the money for it.. I don't like being this desperate..
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It appears you're writing about at least two different services and systems that normally don't interact: your AT&T Cell phone and your HughesNet Satellite Internet system. You may also be referring to a third service, a wired AT&T landline DSL Internet and telephone service on poles outside your house on the street? Very confusing. Again, this third service (DSL) is on a separate system and does not directly interact with the other two services.

Your AT&T cell phone cannot normally make cellular calls or send SMS text messages over a HughesNet satellite Internet connection. Those functions are normally not compatible with, nor can they connect through, your HughesNet satellite Internet system (unless, perhaps you have an iPhone running Apple's  iMessage service, as mentioned in another recent topic on these forums:

The reason your cell phone works in town but not at your house is probably because you have no cell signal at your house. Having HughesNet satellite Internet won't change that. If there is some minimal cell phone signal available outside your house, then you may be able to get a cell phone booster to help bring it inside the house.

HughesNet installers are not obligated or reimbursed to help you with your TV or your cell phone service, other than perhaps showing you how to connect your cell phone's Internet WiFi function to a HughesNet- or Installer-supplied wireless Internet router. Again, this normally won't help you make cell phone calls or send SMS text messages.

When you say you "left AT& and went to," are you referring to an AT&T wired DSL Internet service you had at another residence, before you moved to Oroville where you needed to get HughesNet service instead? Again, it's not clear the way you wrote it.

HughesNet and AT&T are not "doing battle over new territory." MagicJack may work over an AT&T DSL connection but probably won't work over a HughesNet connection due to the higher delay over satellite.
El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |

Hi lakejunki3905,

As mentioned above if you have Magic Jack and are trying to use that service over HughesNet it will not work and if it does work, it won't be very good and will use up your data allowance. This also goes for Wi-Fi calling on your cellphone. This could be the reason for your troubles... 

Also I see you live in an area that is currently being evacuated. I hope you are safe. If you have any trouble because of the evacuation please let me know so we can make arrangements to suspend your service.

Thank you,
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