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Lack of help from Hughesnet

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Lack of help from Hughesnet

Data usage is not accurate
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How is the data usage not accurate?  How is there lack of help from Hughesnet?  A little more info would certainly be helpful. 

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Hi Cindy,

Welcome to the community.
Seeing that you are "beyond frustrated and angry", you have come to the right place for help.
Since we can't come to your house to see what's wrong, you'll have to give us a little more information.
If you will try to tell us what happening, we will try to help you.
Monday - Friday there are Official Reps here too and if your problem is within HN's system, they have direct contact with the engineers.

Looking forward to your reply.

Don  🙂
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In which way is your data usage not accurate ?

Which of the three available usage meters and two usage history displays are you using ?

What service plan are you on ?

What operating system(s) do you use ?

Are you connected directly to the modem or do you have a router ?

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My isn't accurate as well. It keeps flipping down and then it'll go back to 99%.
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For your individual issue, I would suggest starting your own thread, and describe in as much detail as you can what is going on, like if it happens at specific times, after doing certain things, how long it takes to go back to normal.  That kind of thing.  There are long time users on here who may be able to help, and the official reps are at the corporate level, so they have a lot of knowledge, as well.

Ryzen 5 3400G | MSI B450M Pro-M2 MAX | 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 | XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB NVMe | Windows 10 Pro
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Cindy, the reason for your data usage to replenish daily could be related to when you were installed.  I have known Hughesnet to replenish data each day for the first 30 days that customers have the service.  This is because customers may have many updates (operating systems. etc) if they didn't have internet service for a while before the Hughesnet system was installed.  Hughesnet does this as a complimentary service so customers that have to use a lot of data (e.g. Gigabytes) don't blow through their "Anytime" data in the first week and then get throttled for the next 3 weeks.

Hello Cindy

We'd love to help you but would like to know a bit more about what is going on. Can you tell us in detail what you are having concerns about?


Hi Cindy,

We've also been trying to locate your account. Although there is not enough info to go off of. Please also post with a recent case number or your HughesNet modem serial so we can better assist.