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Late night/early morning speeds have plummeted...

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Distinguished Professor IV

Late night/early morning speeds have plummeted...

Is there any maintenance or anything like that going on with my Gateway (ES19, Roseburg OR(9)) or Beam (051) as of recent?   My late night speeds over the last couple of nights have plummeted, and during a time when they should be going up, not down.  Normally my speeds late at night are in the 30Mbps and 40Mbps range, and right now they're not even hitting 2Mbps, with one hitting only 572Kbps.  Earlier this evening a test around 9PM EST showed a speed of a test showed 27.54Mbps, which is about normal for me for that time of night.


I don't have a whole lot of tests in at this point for this issue, but you can already see how bad they are compared to what they normally are.  On early Saturday morning (3:00AM EST) I downloaded a 2.6GB Ubuntu file, and the speed was great.  Less than 48 hours later it's this.  🙁


I'll try to get a few more tests in tonight and then some during the day tomorrow.


I'll leave my modem plugged in so that you can look at my system if you need to.  I also ran a couple of tests at HughesNet, which matched what I'm seeing on   




P.S.  Though I don't know that this has anything to do with it, I did have a modem software upgrade occur on Friday, though the Ubuntu ISO download happened AFTER that software update, about ten or eleven hours later, and the speed during that download was normal.  


Edit:  I forgot to mention that the tests have been run with a LAN cable connected desktop computer and with the WiFi in the modem disabled.

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