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Looking for complete picture


Looking for complete picture

Is there a way to get the complete HN picture for my account for a month? Data bought, used, top download speed, bottom download speed, Average, days most data is used, and throughput speed? I would love to be able to see a full picture especially over the last year.

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Re: Looking for complete picture



Data bought:  You can see your token purchases in the Account Information and Usage sections of the MyAccount site.  Click on Token History in the Billing Detail Information section. 


Data usage:  The only data usage that can be seen is for the current month and the previous month.  You can see in those two graphs the data that's used each day.  Keep in mind, too, that the download and upload amounts shown for each day includes the Bonus Bytes used, even though the graph itself doesn't show the Bonus Bytes usage by default (though you can change it so it shows).  The data usage graphs are in the Usage Meter and on the MyAccount site in the Usage section (at the top of this page).  Click View History to see it.


Speed:  To see your speeds you would have had to actively run speed tests in the Support section of the MyAccount site.  Unfortunately, there is no average speed shown.  HughesNet doesn't log your speeds, except for the speeds tests you run.  They do sometimes run speed tests when troubleshooting, but these are internally logged and are only visible to the reps.. 


Throughput:  I believe this information, if the reps even have it, is only available to them.   


If the reps have any additional info, or if I've gotten anything wrong, or missed something, I'm sure they'll let you know.  Smiley Happy   

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