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Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

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Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

Sorry for the delayed response....the last two weeks have been busy!  

I appreciate your delving into our problem and realize our legacy system is 'old'. We have a saying in Alaska that is used many times as we consistently find we just cannot get the same services as the lower 48. "Except in Alaska and Hawaii" is repeated often. I'm afraid HughesNet is one of those companies. 

None the less, you have been diligent with regards to our phantom drain. It seems to be under control at this point in time and I'd love to hear that you and your colleagues pinpointed the problem.

With regards to the latest chart I am stunned. Is this from our service?? As I look at the LAN row and the date I can see there is indication of no LAN issues. From my notes June 4th is the day I pulled the LAN from the modem (No LAN light) for 5 1/2 hours. 

At this time I think I'll just ride out the good times and hope I don't have the need to resolve a phantom drain any time soon. If you are on the edge of resolving the problem or would benefit from our pulling the LAN yet again and logging our usage, I'd be glad to help. Otherwise I will pass on yet another test.

I will wait for your response....thanks,
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Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

Tina--Yep, Gwalk900, Melissa & other members are very helpful here! I just LOVE the step-by-step info they include.  BTW: Alaska is my favorite state & I wish I could live there again! (But, my physical limitations won't let me--& other stuff restricts travelling--so I'll just have to "live" vicariously through folks like yourself! LOL!) Whereyou live--do you have troubles with "Winter Bears"? The worst thing we had occur was a Polar had tracked us into "town"--(LUCKILY, he WASN'T "Hungry" so we weren't attacked!) Those "Winter Bears" are worse than anything I have ever come across!  Hope you're all alright & still able to get "Online"!  Thinking about you!

Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

Hi Tina,

If everything has been working I would use your service normally. If this problem arises again please let us know. The screenshots I provided are from your service. We were monitoring your network for a while we consulted our engineers on how to interpret the diagnostics. At this point the only thing I think would help is sending you a new modem. However I feel there may be something else at play. I hope everything works out. 

Thank you,
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Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected


Gwalk900 (a former 7000s user) here .....

Way back when ... Hughes had data limits and the FAP policy but had no way to measure usage ...

A member here and at dslreports forum (that predates the Official Hughes forum that you see here)

wrote a very simple, very light on recourses, "usage meter" that is real time, as it takes its info from the modem itself.

It kind of "lost its place" as newer Hughes systems came on line but it works very well with the 7000s system and the "legacy" 9000 with DAILY refill.

Where it really shines ... and may be a benefit to you, is that you can have everything (as far as you know) closed, and can hover your mouse over its systray icon and SEE the refill "drip" occur.

If you have everything closed and not see a "minute by minute" gain, then you are alerted to a "leak" if you will.

Don Bradner's HNFapalert  can be found in a link near the bottom of this page:

Its free, its "real time" and for a 7000 system you just can't ask for anything more.

It is so "light" you need not remove any "official" Hughes meters, and the legacy "usage history page" you posted before is just fine as a cross-check.

I used Don's meter for years without problems prior to switching to a HT1100 Gen4 system.

If you have any questions, drop me a line here, at the dslr Hughes forum linked above or at the 'Shack where I'm a Mod:


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Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

Gwalk900, You are absolutely Amazing!

Re: Loosing MB with LAN disconnected

Hi Tina,

Its been a while since we've heard from you, we'll go ahead and close this thread. 

- Chris