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Loosing internet connection

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Loosing internet connection

It started about a week ago, no internet connection and having to reboot the modem. It will connect for awhile then lose it again.

Distinguished Professor III

Re: Loosing internet connection

That's not good. Maybe the modem is getting ready to kick the bucket. The HN reps on this site can check your modem remotely; they normally respond within 2 business days of a post. 


Re: Loosing internet connection



Upon looking into your account, I'm seeing the same thing you were stating, several manual and automatic reboots of the modem. I'm not seeing any issues with your alignment or anything else of the sort, so we'll go ahead and get a new modem out to you to see if this remedies the issue! Please expect the replacement soon; you can use its box to return the old modem. For your convenience, the return label is included in the outer pouch. 


Let me know how the new modem works out for you!