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Loss of signal Gen 5 Beam 68

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Loss of signal Gen 5 Beam 68

My signal all of a sudden dropped to under 30.  There is no extreme weather in my area or my gateway location of San Diego. Both are just partly cloudy.  


I don’t think it was a good idea but I attempted to reboot my modem but now it won’t complete the start up because no signal to check and complete the Software Download progcess. 


Is is anyone else having any problems?  


Id like to know where they heard that update.  The site does not mention anything. 


Edit. I see it now.  I guess I didn’t read the entire updated message.  Lol



If you keep an eye on the "About Community" section, Amanda will post once in awhile about it.


@Rothybbqb13 - He was constantly posting the exact same thing into mutliple threads, and what was being posted, was not of any form of help to anyone.

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It looks like they are getting there!!! 😄

Signal is now back at 100+, currently "Associating" though it seems to be taking a while, but this is a VERY good sign!

@C0RR0SIVE wrote:

There's no need to post in every topic @coreyellis1


Sorry about that, I am still new at this. I just wanted all to know about the new update.