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Lost service compensation


Re: Lost service compensation

Well I just used up 1.5MB of bandwidth to load an animated .gif of a deer eating popcorn.  I'd like a restore token for that too please.  If we're handing things out, I mean.
Honorary Alumnus

Re: Lost service compensation

It was carmelcorn so it was worth the data loss.
Assistant Professor

Re: Lost service compensation

People waste data on what they want. Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites are a waste of data IMO.

There are a few of us that this place is where we use our data.  Smiley Happy
New Member

Re: Lost service compensation

Thanks, sgoshe. It's just very frustrating. But my main complaint is the broken promises about my service plan. I should have chosen a different venue for my topic.

I asked for confirmation in writing for my plan and was told they have no access to email?!!!


Re: Lost service compensation

Hi mguss,

Thank you for your post. I see we are already addressing your concerns in this new thread:

Best regards,