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Of course the satellite has redundancy. You are arguing for the sake of arguing. Spaceway satellite had a major malfunction months ago and they recovered it. Still, if a satellite totally fails it is done.

Again, you seem to love just going back and forth. Maybe you like the attention but to someone who has been in radio communications including satellite most his life, you seem very uneducated on the true technical aspects.

And residential pipelines are much different than commercial and military pipelines through the satellite.
donagibbons, tell us, are you really a Hughesnet user or just trolling ?
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Like the old saying goes:
Starve a troll, feed a fever ....
I'm done with this troll.
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To be honest, if the satellite in space suffers a major failure, it requires people on the ground to try and fix it via software.  Spaceway 3...  That was bad, it couldn't "self-correct" due to what had caused it to act up.  

Now, as far as ground based infrastructure, they do have a mesh, and redundancy, like if Gateway ID4 was to suffer a catastrophic failure caused by natural disaster, while the satellite most likely will not do an automated failover to a backup gateway somewhere else in the USA, Hughes has the ability to tell the beams assigned to Gateway ID4 to use one of the two failover gateways manually.

As for "whitepapers" from Hughes... It's very hard to get any information from them, unless they have actually published the information.

Corporate/Enterprise/Military services will be different, you also absolutely can not compared the Spaceway and Jupiter infrastructures.  They use different principles, and had different overall goals.

But, if you want "white papers", this is about as good as it will get:

Hughes never lists everything that each model line of modems is capable of, just like they don't tell us what that interesting USB port is on the back of the HT1100 series.

All of that aside, I don't think the HN9600 is even used stateside - Hughes DOES make equipment for other markets, just like they are making and designing the ground infrastructure, and modem for the new OneWeb initiative. 

If you want Enterprise performance and features, pony the cash up buddy, and stop trying to argue just for shits-n-giggles.  Yes, I said shit, twice.  I think such installs start in the thousands, and service runs in the tens of thousands per month for such things.