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Mail, including Community notifications, not forwarding from email to MSN email...

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Mail, including Community notifications, not forwarding from email to MSN email...

I have my email account to forward emails to my MSN email and have had it set this way for months.  Everything was fine until yesterday evening, when all of a sudden the forwarding stopped.  The account receives the emails, including the Community notifications, it just won't forward them to my MSN email account anymore.  I changed it to forward to my Gmail acccount and that works just fine.   


I can send mail created with my address to my MSN address, and vice versa.  That works just fine.  I can also do the same to my Gmail account, and, again, vice versa.  I can send mail back and forth between all three accounts without any problem.  The account just will not forward any received email to my MSN account anymore.  


With this said, the only emai my account ever receives is the Community notifications, aside from the test emails I did trying to figure out this problem.


Why's forwarding capability is singling out MSN to go kaput on is beyond me.   


With all of that said, I don't believe this has anything whatsoever to do with what's going on with the current email problems people are having.  I believe this is simply a glitch in the forwarding system, and I think, though I'm not sure, this happened before for a few notification emails.  I can't remember for sure.  Hopefully the glitch will correct itself and everything will be fine.  Time will tell.  Why it will send emails to the MSN address, but not forward the emails it receives, is interesting, as is why it's only doing this with MSN.    


Edit:  I don't know if this tag will work, but here goes...


@Liz , do you know if whoever hosts this Community has plans for adding the option for one to be able to add a non connected email address to receive reply and other notifications?  That kind of thing would be so very helpful.  


Edit:  It's a little convoluted, but I think I may have found a temporary workaround by fowarding the emails to Gmail, then forwording the Gmail emails to my MSN account.  I'll know soon enough if it works.  After a day or two I'll give directly forwarding to my MSN address a try again.  This is so odd.  


Edit:  The workaround worked.  YAY!!!!  Again, I'll check in a day or two to see if the glitch for the original setting is fixed and will change everything back if it is.  



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